* For Sale *
DescriptionPastel cocks
3x pairs of cockatiel
DescriptionBreeding pairs cockatiels

Mandarin ducks

* For Sale *
Mandarin ducks
DescriptionMandarin ducks
Pair of black headed caiques
DescriptionBlack headed caiques
Red headed parrot finches
DescriptionRed headed parrot finches for sale
Pair black headed caique
DescriptionUnrelated pr black headed caiques
Doves & Softbills etc.
DescriptionDoves, Thrushes, Tanagers & Cardinals.
Winix air purifier
DescriptionWinix air purifier
Dunfallow Budgie male
Description(( Green Dunfallow/bf/bw/ )) male
Rose crowned conure male
DescriptionMale rose crowned conure
Various parrotlike
DescriptionSun conures, sierra, derbyan, kings, lineolated , rossellas, elegants
Wanted white capped pionus cocks
DescriptionWanted white capped pionus cocks
Blue Headed Macaws
DescriptionWanted blue headed macaws.
African grey parrot male £1350.
DescriptionAfrican grey male about 10 years old says few words will take food from your hand not fully tamed
Blossom headed parakeets
DescriptionBlossom headed parakeets
Proven Pair Pearly Conures For Sale
DescriptionProven pair pearly conures
Adult Derbyan Hens For sale
Description2 adult Derbyan hens
Proven Pair Alexandrines For Sale
DescriptionProven pair Alexandrines
Yellow Thigh Caique Hens For Sale
Description2 yellow thigh caigue hens
Hand Reared Young Cockatiels
DescriptionHand Reared Young Cockatiels.
roul roul partridge
Descriptionroul roul partridge wanted
Cocktail  £60.each
DescriptionFor sale breeding cocktails have 1 females 2 males For sale breeding cocktails