Mutation conures

Going to Stafford Spring Sale
Mutation conures
DescriptionMutation conures
Opaline split opaline ringnecks
DescriptionOpaline and split opaline cocks and hens ringnecks, for sale, all 2023 closed rung and DNA.
White Fronted Amazon male
DescriptionWhite Fronted amazon male wanted
Red Sided Eclectus hens
Description2023 Hen Red Sided Eclectus Parrots
Mutation Greenfinches
DescriptionLutino Pied Greenfinches
Patagonian Hens wanted
DescriptionPatagonian Hens wanted.
Blue Capped Waxbills
DescriptionLooking for Blue Capped Waxbills to pick up at Stafford
Ringneck Mutation Parakeet
DescriptionAdult proven turquoise violet/opaline/Cleartail cock

Australian king

* For Sale *
Australian king
DescriptionYoung cock Australian king 1yr 6mths old just starting to colour