Please be aware that travel for 'hobby' reasons in most areas is now illegal.
Stay safe.

 Crested Mynahs and roul rouls
DescriptionCrested mynahs bought as breeding pair £250 and two cock roul rouls 2020 £60 each 
Blackwings and Splits
DescriptionVisual blackwings available in  Green, Dark green, Yf cobalt, Opaline From £150 Splits available in  Green, Dark green, Olive, Violet, Fallow, Opaline and split opaline cocks From £75  
Green Opaline Fischers
DescriptionSome Lovely Green Opaline fischers for sale cocks and hens. Also some Creminos and Some Split Opaline split blue also. Beautiful birds. Contact for more details 
Black Francolins For Sale
Description2x Pair Of black Francolins  2x Male Black Francolins  Beautiful birds  Ready to Breed next spring. 

Pionus for sale

* For Sale *
Pionus for sale
DescriptionFor sale hen bronze winged pionus 3 years old closed rung with dna £350. Maximilian pionus hen 2 years old no ring but has dna £250.
Blue headed pionus male wanted
Description Wanted - Blue headed Pionus (pionus menstruss), closed rung, dna age 2 years plus. Contact with any information. Kind regards 
DescriptionPairs Rosa Bourkes £70per pair Pairs Rubino Bourkes £85per pair Pairs Normal Splendids £120per pair Pair Red Fronted Turquisines £80pair SOLD Pair Opaline Turquisines £80pair SOLD Pair Turquisine
DescriptionPairs Normal Princess Of Wales £160per pair Pairs Blue Princess Of Wales £240per Pair Pair Orange Pennants £180pair Pair Blue Pennants £245pair Red Rossella Hen £80each SOLD Pair Red Stanley Ross

Everything to go

* For Sale *
Everything to go
DescriptionReluctant sale All must go due to  ill health. 2 pairs of scaley breasted £250 pair both bred and spare cock £100. 2 pairs black caps £450 a pair, 2  cock chattering £200 each, 2 pairs swainsons and 2

Emerald starling

* For Sale *
Emerald starling
Description2019 emerald starling, sex unknown, immaculate condition in outside aviary.
Wanted male blackhead caique
DescriptionWanted blackhead caique must be close rung with dna over three years old  if possible can travel for right bird 
african grey hornbill hen wanted
Description2019 female  african hornbill wanted 
Hahns macaw cock
Descriptionwanted mature hahns macaw cock preferably closed rung
Blue ground doves
DescriptionProven pr blue ground doves £120 SOLD 


* For Sale *
Descriptionfishers lovebirds 10 blues  £20 each 4 black eyed yellow  £25 each all this years and unsexed  
Baby hand reared African Grey
Description15 week old English bred hand reared African grey baby with all correct paperwork silly tame ready for new home now    Ask for Gerry 


* For Sale *
DescriptionHi I have a pair yellow red rumps £50 also one young Ck £20 red pennants £60 possible split black Gmr 2 hens 2 cocks £55 a pair of Robino Gmr £180 breeding pair 07970405809 
Black francolin or Kala teetar
DescriptionBreeding pair of kala teetar for sale, birds are breeding aviary birds they are not tame however they are not jumpy either. Male started to speak in the summer when breeding season started, videos ava


DescriptionWanted Hen White Faced Cockatiel -  Prefer East Yorks / Hull area many thanks
Derbyans - Proven Pair
DescriptionProven Pair of Derbyan Parakeets (Psittacula derbiana), 5 years old - healthy and in good feather  May exchange for Alexandrines 350 FOR THE PAIR  
Dusky Conure - Wanted
DescriptionWanted Dusky Conures - Aratinga weddellii Need Hen - Normal, Split or Lutino  WHY Based in East Yorkshire - Willing to travel
White Capped Riverchats
DescriptionWhite Capped Riverchats 2020 3 x Females (DNA’d) £600 each
WANTED pair of honeycreepers
DescriptionLooking for honeycreepers (red or yellow legged) for educational collection. Lovely accomodation waiting. Please contact. 07971550320   Thank you, Carl