Proven pair meallie Amazon’s
DescriptionBreeding pair meallie Amazon’s £600 pair 
Wanted - White Cheek Turaco Hen
DescriptionWANTED - White Cheek Turaco Hen. My lonely boy has unfortunately lost his mate and therefore looking for love. Willing to travel within reasonable distance but can arrange courier collection at my c
DescriptionPure normal lovebirds (no colour mutations) Black-masked, Black-cheeked and Fischers. Home-bred in colonies in unheated aviaries. Vent-sexed. Mostly 2019/2020 close-ringed- possibly some older. Severa
Yellow-fronted kakarikis- pure greens
DescriptionPure green, yellow-fronted kakarikis for sale. Pairs and spare hens. £60 pair. Hens £30 each.
abbysinian lovebirds
Description4 year old proven pair of abbys , top health and condition £100 no offers 

For Sale

Following Guidance
For Sale
DescriptionBlue and Gold friendly when he gets to know you, 16 years old, loves being out of his cage, also 6 foot cage. Going to miss him moving house can not take him with us 900 pounds ono
Hen Greenwing macaw
DescriptionFor sale 8 year old hen Greenwing macaw pet or breeding bird lovely condition a nature £2000
Orange headed ground thrush
Description2020 bred hen orange headed ground thrush  Can use walkers transport for delivery 
Cock bearded barbet
Description2019 bred cock bearded barbet , excellent condition £130 Ono  Can use Walkers transport for delivery 


For Sale
Description2019 blackcapped lories 2 male 2 female £200 each 2 unrelated pairs of iris lorikeets £300 a pair all birds are dna sexed tel 02392254894


For Sale
Description2020 songthrushes and lesser redpolls from 20 pounds 07960495045
Grass parakeets
Description3 pairs of lutino elegants £95a pair 1 pair of elegant lutino hen with a normal cock £75 the pair Bourkes Pair of lutino £95 the pair 2 pairs of Rosa £65 a pair 1 Rosa cock £351 blue hen £501 blue spl
1.1 White Crowned Wheatears
Description1.1 White Crowned Black Wheatears (Oenanthe leucopyga) 2020 bred in The Netherlands and Belgium closed-rung unrelated pairs   fed on feeds from
1.1 Red Crested Cardinal PAIR
Description1.1 Red Crested Cardinal PAIR 2020 bred in The Netherlands unrelated pair with DNA certificates Available in early September
1.0 cock white-browed robin-chat
Description1.1 cock white-browed robin-chat (Cossypha heuglini) 2019 bird with DNA certificate bred in The Netherlands   fed on feeds from
Descriptionpair 1.1 PAGODA STARLINGS [plus spare cocks available] hen 2018 bred in The Netherlands cock 2020 bred in The Netherlands closed-rung with DNA papers   fed on feeds from
Description0.1 hen SNOWY CROWNED ROBIN CHAT 2020 bred in The Netherlands closed-ring with DNA certificate   Fed on feeds from
Double breeding cages
DescriptionAlwire heavy double breeding cages x three with deciders floor trays and grids,power washed and steam cleaned,ready to use cages do not strip down,£75 the three,

For Sale

Proven Pair
For Sale
DescriptionProven pair rock peddlers for sale 120 pounds, good strong birds
Blue front amazon pair for sale
Descriptionproven pair of blue fronts for sale guaranteed 2 clutches every year  this year had 7 eggs. 4/3  cock is plucked on chest, everything els is fine  with the pair. moved them into a new flight and
Youn pair Greenwing macaws
Descriptionfor sale is a young unrelated closed rung pair of Greenwing macaws and flight first to see will buy £3500 SOLD SOLD SOLD
Alexadrian hen wanted
DescriptionWanted Alexandrian hen ideally with DNA papers


For Sale
Description6 pairs and 1 hen Madagascan lovebirds £650  2 pairs olive Abyssinian lovebirds 2018 close rung £250 pair 1 pair olive cock to normal hen Abyssinian lovebirds £195 pair   collection from po8 area
Unrelated pairs of rain quail
DescriptionUnrelated pairs of rain quails for sale healthy young birds 4 months old some already laying can courier for extra also hatching eggs available