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spreo starling
DescriptionWanted pr spreo starlings, sexed or un-sexed

Cambridge Bird Sale

Bird Show / Sale / Event
Cambridge Bird Sale
DescriptionCAMBRIDGE BIRD SALE Sponsored by Bavister’s Pet Centre SUNDAY 26th JANUARY    Milton Community Centre, Coles Road, Milton, Cambridge, CB24 6BL.   2 minutes from A14/A10 junction (J33).  Amp
Sulawesi Myna
DescriptionTwo male Sulawesi myna available £750 each


For Sale
DescriptionBLUE AND GOLD MACAW   6 YEAR OLD   MALE DNA   £950.00
amazon wanted
Descriptionwanted blue fronted hen amazon ,,,wanted white fronted hen amazon also red lord cock amazon ,,any other odd amazons considered please tx or phone with what you have for sale ,, these amazons are all n


Bird Show / Sale / Event
Descriptionhas any one lost a pekin robin in hartfordsheir as one with a purple ring has been seen there

Pekin Robins

For Sale
Pekin Robins
DescriptionPekin Robins £250 pair single sexes £125 each.
Elegant cock bird
DescriptionLooking for a cock bird elegant parakeet 07545327988
WANTED proven pair Crimson bellied
DescriptionLooking for a young Proven pair of Crimson bellied Cash waiting for the right pair. must be DNA'd with paperwork and closed rung.  
Demoiselle Crane
Description2019 bred DNA sexed female £500
Golden Pheasants
DescriptionCocks and hens £60.00 per pair


For Sale
DescriptionPineapple and Green Cheeked Conures, 2019 bred £75 each


For Sale
DescriptionKakarikis for sale normals, pieds and lutinos £45 each Blues, Creams, blue/ cream pieds and spangles £65 each
Hen Hahns macaw
Description2019 Hen Hahns macaw £450
Pekin robins
DescriptionDna sexed pairs of Pekin robins  £225 a pair 
Hand Reared Baby Conures
DescriptionPearly conures -   Hand reared baby conures coming in the next few weeks - available to reserve now.     All birds will be ready when at least 12 weeks and fully weaned   Very tame & cheek
Dusky Pionus male
DescriptionStill looking to sell/exchange our 2019 c/r, p/r DNA male Dusky Pionus male for same to make an unrelated pair.
BH Caiques adult males
DescriptionHave 2 adult male BH Caiques available as too mature to pair with our 2019 hens. 2008 split rung and 2007 c/r both with DNA's. In outside aviaries. £250 each.
Bb,bf,bc and silver zebra finch hens
DescriptionIm looking for zebra finch hens. Bb,bf,bc and silvers. Breeding age.


DescriptionWanted Hen yellow backed Chattering Lory will travel 150miles if needed
Jardine pair
Descriptionpair of Jardine. Contact 07970375460 for more information   
Alexandrine Hen
DescriptionAlexandrine hen nice sized bird proven 4 years old in perfect feather and health very steady £160
Kakariki's 2 blue cocks 1 yellow hen
DescriptionKakariki's 2 blue Cock Birds and 1 yellow hen bird. Similar to picture. All. Coming up 18 months old. Cage needed for collection. Location Hernebay. £20 Each. PLEASE NOTE. I cannot answer messages or
Rosella pair split blue
Description Cock. Normal. GMR split. Blue with a Hen Rubino split blue. I think They are around two years old. Aviary home needed. Cage needed for, collection. PLEASE Note. I cannot answer messages or texts so