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Hen black headed Caique
DescriptionLooking for a young closed rung hen to pair with a 2019 male. 
Yellow face parrotlet xanthops, Wanted
DescriptionHi there looking for pairs of yellow face parrotlets, Please get in touch if any for sale now or soon can wait or any contacts will be appreciated.
2017 cock pekin robin
Descriptioncock pekin robin 2017 bird in lovely feather £100 only selling as room needed 
pair of 2019 Diamond firetails
Descriptionfor sale pair of Diamond sparrows 2019 breed birds cock is orange rump hen is red in lovely feather £45.00 2018 pair of cherry finches normal £25 the pair. 3 2019 cock birds £10 each     pair of Mex
Wanted pairs of parrot finches
DescriptionHi I'm after 3 to 4 pairs of parrot finches, Will be going into heated bird room. Please contact me with details of what you have available.thanks
Blue ^ Gold Macaw
DescriptionBlue & Gold Macaw for sale DNA sexed male very feather all toes and nails aviary bird about 10 years old. £800


DescriptionAnybody have any Meyers for sale with NO YELLOW ON THE HEAD,JUST BROWN FEATHERS?If so get in touch.  
Proven conures
DescriptionProven pair of yellow sided conures with DNA £125


Descriptionlooking for green naped and duskys
Conures proven
DescriptionProven pair of normal green cheek conures with DNA £120
Maidstone bird sale this Sunday
DescriptionSwift parakeets - £150 a pr Lutino Elegants - £40 each Mountain parakeets - £90 a pr Cinnamon red fronted hen splendid - £45 1 unrelated pair of Blue twenty eights  1 unrelated pair of dilute plu
King parrot pairs
DescriptionAny variety or mutation of King Parrot pairs. Must be in good feather and health, 3/4 yrs old. Courier can be arranged in January.
Various Birds
DescriptionHen 2018 Auropalliata yellow napped close rung DNA sexed cities £850 Cock hispaniolan 2019 close rung DNA £450 Nyassa lovebirds 2019 various colours unrelated not sexed  £15 each  2 cock 3 hen Cali
Pin Tailed Parrot Finches
Description2pr x Pin Tailed Parrot Finches Breeding pairs £275pr 1pr x Pin Tailed Parrot Finches Unrelated pair £250 pair

Pekin Robins

For Sale
Pekin Robins
DescriptionPairs and single birds for sale £250 pair, all in perfect feather.
Taking to Maidstone Sale Sunday
DescriptionCut Throats £45 pair Blue Faced Parrot Finches £65 pair Pied Blue Faced Parrot Finches £80 pair Red Faced Parrot Finches £75 pair Forbes Parrot Finches £90 pair Green Singers £90 pair Gold Breas
Red Cheek cordon Blues
Description RED CHEEK CORDON BLUES   UK CAGE BRED £120 PR   Birds are in Harlow, Essex

various fifes

2019 bred
various fifes
Descriptionunflighted fife canaries bred from champion show stock, various colours green, blue ,variegated , clear, can make up pairs . 38 a pair,   Nottingham area  ….
DescriptionLooking for Kookaburras, a young female and pairs.  
Yellow Thighed caique pair
Description1 yellow Thighed caique pair and one single Thighed caique parrot Male.  for more information please contact 07970375460
Jardine pair
Descriptionpair of Jardine. Contact 07970375460 for more information   
Bearded barbets
DescriptionReluctant sale of a beautiful Pair of bearded barbets. Aviary space needed.  £300


For Sale
DescriptionDark factor and double dark factor young parrotlets available, some pieds. all 2019 closed rung birds. Parents both split fallow. Also a few spare breeding age hens available.   Preston Lancs  
Parrotlet Breeding pair
DescriptionBreeding pair of parrotlets, both dark factor blue (Cobalt) Both birds split for fallow. Both rung 2018 Other parrotlets available.   Preston Lancs