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We found 4 results at location "Northern Ireland"

Plum head wanted

Going to Stafford Spring Sale
Plum head wanted
Description2017/18 normal cock plum head wanted c/rung. Can collect at Stafford   


For Sale
DescriptionBreeding pair of ringnecks,  blue pied cock x violet turquoise pied hen,  for sale, PM for price and details. 
Wanted Black headed caique
DescriptionLooking for a Black headed caique cock bird preferably 4years+ closed ring sexed all feathers and toes. Also looking for a hen sun conure 4years+ close rung sexed. Or will sell cock.   Cash waiting

Crimson bellied conures

Crimson bellied conures
Description2 crimson bellied conures dna’d cock and hen(nest mates) £150 each