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Ruppells hen

Proven Pair
Ruppells hen
DescriptionRuppells hen 2007 perfect feathers dna and visual sexing proven many times lost cock £600
Red bellied parrot pairs and single cock
DescriptionRed belly parrots. Proven pairs and young pairs and odd cock 2007 to 2019. Young ones with dna papers. Older ones sexed visual. All closed rung. 2007 to 2016 £900 2017 to 2019  £850 single cock  2
Africa n grey male
DescriptionMale African grey male with cites,semi tame 6 years old £500 no offers
Meyers parrot pairs and single hen
DescriptionLast few pairs of Meyers parrot. Selling up poicephalus. proven pairs most closed rung 2007 to 2016 with dna papers.  Good feathers. £495 pair ——single hen 2016 £325
Australian King Female
DescriptionThis years Australian King Hen nice big bird very steady. Leicester M1  £100 Chris 07716729779
2015 Proven Hen Slateyhead £125
Description2015 Proven Hen Slateyheaded Parakeet (P H Himalayana) - £125
African Grey Female Wanted
DescriptionWanted Congo African Grey hen (age 2/3 years old) tame preferred.  Must be happy to courier. Sensible price considered.  Must be close ring/microchipped with DNA cert. Email WHY and price.  

Rosa Bourkes

For Sale
Rosa Bourkes
DescriptionPair of Rosa Bourkes for sale, Hen Lutino 2019, Cock Rosa Opaline 2019. £50.00 Pair
Lineolated parakeets
DescriptionLast of my 4x lineolated parakeets (linnies or Catherine's parakeets) for sale, 2 Colbalt, 1 Turquoise, 1 Green, aviary birds not tame, currently in amougst budgies and Cockatiels etc cause no issues,
pair plumheads £250
Description3 proven pairs plum heads £250 a pair
Brinsea brooder
Description Brinsea brooder tlc 50 advance excellent condition ideal for parrots used for macaw chicks etc easy to use very accurate (as new!) instructions with it £500 may post or track at your cost (see price
hen  slaty headed hilalayan`£200
Description0/15  hen slaty headed £200
Roger Hargreaves
DescriptionBreeding cages for Parrots.  Can be one large cage or 2 smaller cages comes in a pack you can fit in the boot of a car cost £200 when new nice clean cages easy to build up all in sections £100 each  s
African greys
DescriptionTwo proven pairs African greys, all microchipped, all cities,all sexed. 1 cock has a tiny amount feathers missing around head buy 2 genuine breeding pairs £1250 pair. Also breeding pair umbrella cock
white rumped shama
DescriptionLooking for a White Rumped Shama Male (COCK BIRD). Within a resemble distance of Derby.    
Description Have been advised that the following members birds will be for sale at the WFS south east meeting on Sunday Blue caps Red cheek cordon Blue Red billed fire finches ... Blue billed fire finches
Incubator and Brooder
DescriptionBrinsea Octagon 20 incubator £100 good condition   large  Curfew Brooder  SOLD

Cape robin chats

Cape robin chats
DescriptionProven pair cape robin chats for sale £300 Cock 2016 Hen 2018
Male baby shamrock macaw
DescriptionFor sale beautiful parents reared baby shamrock macaw 20 week old dna sex male microchip with cites . £1099
Softbills for sale
DescriptionHello I have for sale 1,2 Lamprotornis Iris 0,1 Lamprotornis Purpereus 0,1 Lamprotornis Chloropterus 1,2 Garralux Canorus 2,0 hypsipetes leucocephalus 0,2 Entomyzon cyanites 1,1 Tachyphonus
Dilute blue Fischers
DescriptionProven pair of Dilute blue Fischers - birds originate from Holland and Spain from top breeders - hen has slight deformity to her upper mandible but that has not stopped her raising 11 chicks for me ov
Yellow faced Fisher pairs
DescriptionSelling up ! Proven pairs of yellow faced Fischers - some yellow faced to yellow faced others yellow faced to violet - also pastel yellow faced - I've 4 pair of adults to sell  - make me an offer for
Black hooded yellow siskin
Description2Yellow siskin female for sale or excange for male
Red cheeked cordon bleu cock
DescriptionAt Stafford in December