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For Sale
Description Last years unsexed turaco for sale £90, no space so quick sale needed.
hen red vented bulbul
Descriptionlooking for a hen red vented bulbul   
2 pairs of Zebra Finches
DescriptionI have 2 pairs of pet zebra finches.  1 light hen 2019, 1 pied cock 2017, 1 Phaeo cock 2016, 1 light hen 2017. One pair live in a 60" cage, the other pair in a 50" cage, so I would like them to go to
Black swan hen
DescriptionNeed a pen (girl) black swan to pair with my cob ...any age/bird considered and reasonably priced please 
Red Whiskered Bulbuls
DescriptionCock Red Whiskered Bulbuls 2019 bred closed rung with DNA for sale£170.00 each Prefer phone calls.
Common Hill Partridges
Description2.0 cock Common Hill Partridge's 2019 bred close rung for sale £100.00each Prefer Phone calls.
male lesser necklas laughing thrush
Descriptionlooking for male garrulax monileger for egg laying female

natal robins

For Sale
natal robins
Descriptiondna pair natal robins 
green crested turaco
Descriptiondna female early2019 £220 kept in outside flight
lillic brested rollers
Descriptiondna male female 2018 male 2019 female kept in unheated aviary  £550
Spreo / Amethyst / Ashy Starling
Description  Male Spreo wanted to make pair. Female Amethyst wanted to make pair. Ashy Starling Male to make pair.   Please telephone - no emails or texts.
(sex? ) moustached laughing thrush
Descriptionsex not known 2019 moustached laughing thrush for sale 
hen white crested laughing thrush
Descriptionhen white crested laughing thrush for sale 
Bleeding Heart Doves for SALE
Description3 Male doves for sale £150 each   
Skylarks for sale
DescriptionSkylarks for sale, this year's youngsters. IOA-ringed. DNA-sexed. I have 2 pairs and 1 spare hen. £80 per bird. Norfolk.
SOFTBILL FOOD from Claus Germany
DescriptionAVAILABLE: SOFTBILL FOODS FROM CLAUS in Germany Formulated with the finest ingredients over several decades for individual species groups
spreo starling
DescriptionWanted pr spreo starlings, sexed or un-sexed
Sulawesi Myna
DescriptionTwo male Sulawesi myna available £750 each


Bird Show / Sale / Event
Descriptionhas any one lost a pekin robin in hartfordsheir as one with a purple ring has been seen there

Pekin Robins

For Sale
Pekin Robins
DescriptionPekin Robins £250 pair single sexes £125 each.
Demoiselle Crane
Description2019 bred DNA sexed female £500
Golden Pheasants
DescriptionCocks and hens £60.00 per pair
Pekin robins
DescriptionDna sexed pairs of Pekin robins  £225 a pair 


DescriptionWanted Hen yellow backed Chattering Lory will travel 150miles if needed