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Bluetit cock for sale

Going to Stafford Spring Sale
Bluetit cock  for sale
DescriptionBluetit cock £40  
African grey woodpecker cock
DescriptionImmaculate cock African grey woodpecker lovely bird quite steady would make a cracking show bird for sale £250 or would exchange for starlings , bulbuls, pekin robins or why call Steve on 07702369383
moustached thrush female (2019)
Descriptionmoustached laughing thrush garrulax cineraceus female 2019 bred for sale 
Pekin robins & Reedling
DescriptionDNA sexed pair of  Pekin Robins hatched September, £240 the pair Also  Adult cock Bearded Reedling adult from a  proven pair has bred successfully but lost hen and need room £60 each I have a table at


DescriptionPekin Robin Cock bird, no more than two years old. Regards Mark. 
Emerald dove hen wanted
DescriptionHen emerald wanted to make up pair, will be at Stafford.

Green aracari

Going to Stafford Spring Sale
Green aracari
DescriptionCock green aracari . Reduced as need the space £800 . Going to Stafford spring show 

Bearded barbet

Bearded barbet
DescriptionHen 2019 bred bearded barbet reduced as need the space £100 going to Stafford 

Red crested turaco

Red crested turaco
Description2019 red crested turaco hen (dna sexed) £275
Description1.1 Pair RED-CAPPED CARDINALS 2018 bred, closed-rings, unrelated, with DNA certificates   Fed on feeds from
Common Hill Partridge
Description2019 bred close rung Cock Common Hill Partridge can be collected from here or at Stafford Bird Show next weekend. I prefer phone calls.
Red Whiskered Bulbul
Description2019 Bred close rung with DNA Cock Red Whiskered Bulbuls for sale  £170.00 Each can be collected from here or at Stafford Bird Show next Weekend.  I prefer phone calls.

Livingston Turaco cock for sale

Going to Stafford Spring Sale
Livingston Turaco cock for sale
DescriptionCock Livingston Turaco for sale 2017 bird, healthy, need space for  Smaller softbills. £150  
cardinals wanted
DescriptionWanted    Masked cardinals[ Paroaria nigrogenis]                Hen red crested cardinal [paroaria coronata]                Yellow billed cardinals [paroaria capitara] going to Stafford or Newark 

Softbills for stafford

Bird Show / Sale / Event
Softbills for stafford
DescriptionBali starlings proven pair with paperwork cock 012 hen 09 £650 Pagoda starlings proven pair cock 012 hen 14 £325 Longtail purple glossy cock 17 hen 17 £650  
Description0.1 hen SNOWY CROWNED ROBIN CHAT 2019 bred closed-ring with DNA certificate   Fed on feeds from
Quality birds
DescriptionLovely pr of red vented bulbuls 310pr,1pr white cheeked bulbuls £285pr,white cheeked bulbul hen £160ea,stunning pr emerald starlings 320pr, immaculate lesser blue eared glossy starlings £310pr,also 1h
cock cape robin chat
Descriptionlooking for a cock cape robin chat can pick up at Stafford 
Black naped fruit dove - male
Descriptionmale 2019 bred black naped fruit dove £200
Green headed sunbird - male
DescriptionMale Green headed sunbird £150 ono
Violaceous Turacos
DescriptionStunning 2017 young pair of Violaceous Turacos.English bred hen.Cock bird Dutch bred.DNA sexed. Laid for the first time last year and incubated the eggs. If you are looking for a pair of Violaceous
Going to Stafford
DescriptionProven pair Red Winged starlings, stunning pair. £325 pair  White cheeked turaco, No dna - believe male. Perfect bird. Very comical. £140. Common mynahs £120 each.   going to Stafford  PHONE/TEXT O


For Sale
Descriptionproven pr goldies 3OO pounds hen a bit scruffy on back of head due to cock over preening.proven pr forstons 250 pounds 4  to 5 years old 2019 cock forston 100 pounds 2 late 2019 forstons yet to be sex