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Description2019 Bred Doves all bred in a large outside planted aviary   2019 HEN AUSTRALIAN CRESTED DOVE £75  proven pair PIED DIAMOND doves £75 a pair   3 2019 bred PIED DIAMOND doves £30 each 2 COCK CROAK
New Coloured dimond doves
DescriptionNew coloured dimond doves 2 pair lavender 2 pair white 1 pair pied 1 pair peach can send by courier will not keep till stafford £400 the lot
Various doves
Description3 pair and 4 hen blue ground dove 1 zebra dove 1 pair comon ground dove £450 the lot  can send by courier will not keep till stafford

Javca Doves

For Sale
Javca Doves
Description2 Male Java doves Last years babies 
Spotted Doves
DescriptionSpotted Doves 4 Youngsters. 2019 Unsexed £100 Each or £350 for all

Pied diamond doves

Bird Show / Sale / Event
Pied diamond doves
DescriptionPairs and single pied doves £35 per pair going to welsh national show Sunday can bring if ordered


For Sale
Description2019 Emerald spotted wood dove male, dna sexed £35. 2019 Picui ground dove male £35. 2019 Emerald dove female £80