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Description*WANTED* Im on the look out for the following to pair up some odd birds: 2x Cock Yellow Faced Parrotlets (Forpus xanthops) 2017 or younger 2x Cock Spectacled Parrotlets (Forpus conspicillatus) 2017
Breeding pair barnards
DescriptionProven breeding pair barnards good feather  Female DNA certificate £180 
Breeding pair King parrot
DescriptionProven breeding pair King parrot good feather  £450 
Breeding pair ducops cocktoo
DescriptionProven breeding pair ducops cocktoo 9 year Old good feather £900


For Sale
Description Two liigar macaw for sale seme tame 3 year old with paper close rung for more information get in touch thankyou 
Alexandrines Pair for sale
DescriptionHand reared Alexandrine Parakeets for sale. Super Tame and very talkative. Only for sale as not having the space for them anymore. Both in great condition hen only has one leg she came to me like t
young pair of rose crowned conures
Descriptionlooking for a young pair of rose crowned conures , must be closed rung with dna certs and in immaculate health and condition 
Patagonia conures
DescriptionWanting pair or single bird(s) to pair up any bird considered but please reasonably priced ....thanks 


For Sale
DescriptionPair of Senegal Parrots DNA Sexed Both Birds Are Proven But Not With Each Other Hen 2014 Closed Rung Cock 8yr Old Split Rung £350 No Offers  07941968107
Young pair of Yellow bibbed lorikeets
DescriptionLast young unrelated pair of yellow bibbed lorikeets  2019 close rung with DNA papers almost 12month old  Both in very good condition sell for £350 R will swap for another pair of birds but no finc
Hand Reared Military Macaw
DescriptionBaby hand reared military macaw  male   16 weeks old   £1200.00
Hawk head parrot (baby)
DescriptionBaby hawk head parrot for sale £1200 14 weeks old hand reared, super tame, just starting to talk Hull area
African greys (hand reared)
DescriptionBeautiful baby African Grey parrots for sale 14 weeks old and ready for their forever homes  silly tame, loves to cuddle just starting to talk Hull area £1,200 Ono 
Meyer’s cock
DescriptionFor sale 2019 cock Meyer’s parrot was aviary breed but currently in a cage lovely bird close rung with DNA £140 or exchange for cock yellow thighed caquie can bring to Newark or Stafford 2020
Pennant parakeet
DescriptionProven pair Pennants £200
Derbyan Parakeets
DescriptionProven pair of Derbyan Parakeets £375
Abyssinan lovebirds
DescriptionPr ABYSSINAN LOVEBIRDS £ 120 
Hen Hahns macaw
Description2019 Hen Hahns macaw £450


For Sale
DescriptionMiddlesbrough 07562274144, x16 cockatiels, all  pearls, males and females all in mint condition and ready for breeding £30each

x5 lovebirds

For Sale
x5 lovebirds
Description0756224144, Middlesbrough. X5 mixed lovebirds. X1 albino peach faced, x2 white with blue markings peach faced,x1 Fischer and 1 violet peach faced.sexes unknown, ready for breeding this year.  All in m
Pair DNA sexed lutino quakers
Description07562274144, middlesbrough. DNA sexed pair lutino Quakers , 3 to 4 years old  in mint condition, £220 the pair NO OFFERS.
Pair senegals, dna sexed
DescriptionMiddlesbrough 07562274144. Adult pair senegal parrots, DNA sexed, both in good feather,aviary birds not pets £400 the pair
x2 female dna sexed quakers
Description07562274144 middlesbrough,  x2 dna sexed female Quakers, one is blue adult, other is a pastel blue about 9 month old. Both in mint condition . £60 each
x2 male greencheek conures
DescriptionMiddlesbrough  07562274144. X2 DNA sexed male green cheek conures,  were hand reared but gone back over but are still steady. both normal split pineapple both in mint condition £70 each. This year's b