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Description  birds going to carlisle    rubino rosella cock £70 pastel / blue rosella  hen £90 jeff 07852292081
Super tame solomon ducorp cockatoo
DescriptionSelling my aunties Solomon ducorp cockatoo for her due to  Ill health. Shes a hen and is 3 year old and is super tame loves  To snuggle up to you talks quite alot and does not  Swear first to see
Red lored Amazons
DescriptionProven pair of red lored amazons. Perfect condition and good strong flyers. Approximately 15 years of age. Happy to courrier via walkers £750
cockatiels wanted,closed ringed only,can
Descriptioncockatiels wanted,closed ringed only,can travel,wat you got.
Various parrotlike
DescriptionDue to change in circumstances I have decided to let my collection of birds go. For any information on the birds please give me a call.  Pair orange winged Amazon's. Pair alexandrines. 6 pairs of v
Birds for Carlisle
DescriptionPair pennants red and a blue proven with dna been in flights outside all winter in Scotland £130 hen mealy with dna all yellow white wings cracking bird lost cook bird and short room £100 outside all
Alexandrine pair
DescriptionPair Alexandrines, 3-4 years old, closed rung, proven very bonded pair, all toes and feathers in perfect condition good strong flyers,friendly calm steady birds. £450. Courier can be arranged at buyer
Wanted - Alexandrine Cock
DescriptionWanted Mature Alexandrine Cock - prefer proven , must be breeding age Also Mutation Alexandrines - WHY  Available for exchange or sale  Last Years - Lutino Alexandrines - 2000                   S
Vosmeari Eclectus
DescriptionFor sale adult Male vosmeari Eclectus adult and has fathered many times lost female to fireworks has plucked himself because he’s lonely feathers will grow back as have done previously essex base

Double cage

For Sale
Double cage
DescriptionDouble nova 2 parrot cage,only one half been put together,like new  £350
Pair Red Sided Eclectus
Description Young pr of Red sided eclectus, cock bird is 2014, hen is 2016. The cockbird was bred by my dad and hen by a friend,both birds were put together just shy of 6 months ago, they are a well bonded pa
Yellow crowned amazon hen
DescriptionLooking for a yellow crowned amazon hen.  Amazona Ochrocephala  Young hen or breeding age. 
Yellow crowned amazon cock
DescriptionYellow Crowned Amazon Cock.  Amazona Ochrocephala, nominate species  15 years old,  No ring, no DNA certificate Healthy bird in perfect feather. Fantastic condition, not fat. I lost his hen, I wou
Cambridge bird sale this Sunday
Description2018 pr of dilute plumheads  2019 unrelated pr of blue twenty eights  pr of yellow fronted mountain parakeets  cream and mottled kakkarikies  Lutino Elegants  full red fronted splendids in normal

meyers cock

For Sale
meyers cock
DescriptionFor sale 2017 Meyers cock bird £200    2 male misty pineapple conures 2019 £85 each
 Fischers - Dilute Blue
DescriptionProven pair of Dilute blue Fischers - birds originate from Holland and Spain from top breeders - hen has slight deformity to her upper mandible but that has not stopped her raising 11 chicks for me ov
Blackcheeked Lovebirds - Euwings
DescriptionPair 1.Cobolt  euwing cock X cobalt hen  2019 bred u/r DNA sexed £100 Pair 2.Cobolt  cock X cobalt euwing hen  2019 bred u/r DNA sexed £100 Euwing cobalt cock 2019 bred DNA sexed £50 Euwing cobalt
Yellow naped hen
DescriptionYellow naped Amazon hen egg laying 15 years old immaculate condition all cites and DNA certificates held  £900 07779482334
Double yellow headed amazon
DescriptionWanted Adult hen Double yellow headed amazon 
Yellow naped amazon
DescriptionHi, I am looking for cock yellow naped amazon ( Amazona auropalliata )
Pair Senegals Dna
DescriptionDNA pair of Senegals unrelated in outside aviary on seed veg fruit , bonded pair over preen each other have 2 nestboxs which they play in out , make nests inside shed on the cage floor ? they are not
Moustache parakeets
Description2019 bred moustache parakeets (2 related) aviary birds £70 each
Hand reared African Grey ready soon
Descriptionhand reared in a family environment really tame and healthy bird ready in 4 Weeks £1000 selling for a friend  All paper work in place 
Descriptionwanted , un related pair or hen iris lorikeets , must be immaculate health and condition  may consider other lorikeet pairs , green naped  , red collared ,ornate etc