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DescriptionLast 2019 bred dnad MUSTACHED COCK BIRD from outside aviary c/r  and healthy bird £100 Last 2019 bred Plumhead in outside aviary c/r £100  


For Sale
DescriptionFor Sale Aviary bred Green cheeked conures all parent reared closed rung.  1 dna'd 2018 Male Normal Green cheeked Conures £45 No Offers. 3 unsexed 2019 Normal Green Cheeked Conures £40 each No Offe
Iris Lorikeet
DescriptionFor Sale  2 parent reared Dna'd Male Iris Lorikeets 1 2018 1 2019 these are related closed rung not tame £150 each no offers. Collection Mansfield Nottinghamshire 

African grey

For Sale
African grey
DescriptionAfrican grey proven cock bird complete with cites. Wild growler and good strong flyer perfect feather £550 can courrier


DescriptionWanted pair of Princess of Wales Parakeets will be going to Stafford
Spendid parakeet hens
DescriptionSpendid parakeet hens Cheshire/North Wales


For Sale
DescriptionSingle birds 2017 Turquoise split cinnamon split cleartail cock£80 2019 Turquoise Violet cleartail cock£150 2019 Violet split cleartail female £100 2019 Violet split cleartail female £100 2019 Vi
Cleartail ringnecks f
DescriptionProven pairs cock blue cleartail 2014 hen turquoise violet df split cleartail 2014 £300 Cock pied green split blue 2016 hen pied grey green split blue 2016 £200  
Senegal cock
DescriptionLooking for an adult senegal cock. Reasonably priced. Lost mine during the fireworks.
Rosellas nesting boxes
DescriptionHi i am looking for some rosellas nesting boxes must be in good condition  thanks Paul   

Mealy amazon

For Sale
Mealy amazon
DescriptionMealy amazon parrot lovely big bird very steady takes food from you and talks £250 or swap for conures
Lineolated Parakeets
Description2019 DNA sexed  green x blue Lineolated £55pr 2019 DNA Blue split Cremino and Greywing £30 2019 DNA Blue split Cremino and Greywing £30 2018 DNA Green split Blue £25 Going to Cambridge sale next S
Male dyh amazon
DescriptionHi I’m looking for a male dyh amazon of breeding age if you can help please ring or text 07774914027 thanks 
Pair of blue fronted Amazons with dna
DescriptionSwap for a pair of black headed caiques 
down sizing afrcan grays
Descriptiondown sizing all my big birds  pair biue and gold cock is 8 year old s/s hen 5 year old closed rung £1500 pair afrcan grays all cites £1200 cock afrcan gray cites £550 cock s/s afrcan no cites £450
DescriptionStill looking for a proven pair of hahns macaws 
Blue opaline and Fallow Bourkes
DescriptionLooking for blue opaline and Fallow Bourkes 2 or 3 pairs of each. Will be at Carlisle sale  Sunday 2nd February . so can meet their or collect withing reasonable distance of Whitehaven Cumbria. Please
Blue spangle or split blue spangle kakar
DescriptionWanted blue spangle or split blue spangle kakariki hen...West Yorkshire 


For Sale
DescriptionTwo breeding pairs of Ornate Lorys for sale £600 a pair Cock 2019 bred Stellas one red one melanistic £200  each
Bronze wing pionus
Description1-1 Bronze Wing Pionus 2019 own bred, closed rung, dna sexed Siblings  Male £250, Female £350 or both together £550 Big strong birds still in outside aviary with their parents


For Sale
DescriptionWalnut halves available in 11 kg boxes, £50 per box, Macadamia pieces 11.5kg vac packed £70 a pack Whole Hazelnuts 12.5kg bags, £50 a bag, limited quantity available so 1st come 1st served, phone
DescriptionI have young and pair up lovebirds,Opaline whitehead,orangehead,redhead in lutino,dilute,olive,blue,cinnamon.Fallow in blue,yellow,opaline,turquoise.Rare Fischer lovebirds yellowface,euwing opaline,op
2019 bronze wing cocks
Description2019 bronze wing pionus cock £250 Ono ,can take to Stafford