Crested Mynahs and roul rouls
DescriptionCrested mynahs bought as breeding pair £250 and two cock roul rouls 2020 £60 each 

lutino elegants

* For Sale *
 lutino elegants
Descriptionproven pair lutino £100 lutino cock £45
Description1.1 pair COMMON REDSTART   Phoenicurus phoenicurus 2020 bred unrelated pair  [+spare cock available] closed-rung with full parent certificate   Fed on feeds from  


* For Sale *
Description1.1 NUTHATCHES Sitta europaea 2020 bred, unrelated pair, bred in The Netherlands, closed-rung with full parent certificate STUNNING   Fed on feeds from
Description1.1 pair WESTERN BLUEBIRDS Sialia mexicana 2020 bred unrelated pair closed-rung, Belgium bred with DNA certificates   Fed on feeds from
2 female Eclectus 2020 birds
Description2 female eclectus 2020 close ring birds  beautifull condition  they have been hand reared but its not tame they are good for breeding birds  £600 each  07932329396 whats app     
2 pairs malabar parakeets 2020
Description2 -2 pairs malabar parakeets 2020  sexed dna 1250euro  pair Can be delivered in all the UK, ireland etc...
2-2 ringnecks bleu dilute 2020
Description2 unrelated  pairs ringnecks 2020 sexed DNA 2-2 bleu dilute x bleu dilute 2020   Can sent to uk, ireland with courier 
2-3 Yellow Crimsons 2020 unrelated
Description2-3 Yellow Crimsons 2020 Unrelated split x yellow unrelated  yellow x split unrelated  yellow female i had a nest of 5 this year perfect big birds from the outside aviary  closed rings greets,

2019 Cock Baraband

* For Sale *
2019 Cock Baraband
Descriptioni have a young baraband.  Just starting to show his adult male colours.  Unfortunately damaged some wing feathers in transit to me, so is currently a non-flier.  As I have a pond in my aviary, I can't
2020 Australian finches
Description2020 Australian finches most parent reared some in outside aviary   10 pairs PARSONS £50 u/r pairs some aviary bred  4 PAIRS SOLD 3 pairs HECKS £45 u/r pairs aviary bred fawns normals all split cre
2020 Australian finches
Description2020 Australian finches most parent reared some in outside aviary 10 pairs PARSONS £50 u/r pairs some aviary bred  4 PAIRS SOLD 3 pairs HECKS £45 u/r pairs I PAIR SOLD 1 pair CUTTHROATS £45 and 3 c
2020 Black headed Caiques
Description2020 parent reared Black  headed Caiques ready soon. 2 x Rung DNA males with certificates.   
2020 Cock Quakers
DescriptionWanted 2020 Parent reared close rung DNA sexed cock Quakers WHY. No silly prices please Can collect on A1 corridor from Teesside to Huntingdon and along the A14 East 

2020 Conures

* For Sale *
2020 Conures
DescriptionPair pineapple conures £180 pair pineapple to violet blue yellowsided £225 pair yellowsided to violet blue yellowsided £225 Pair suncheek to pineapple split suncheek £450 2019. male  suncheek £300
2020 Waterfowl for sale
Description2020 Waterfowl hand reared and pinioned. Baikal Teal £100 pr, Falcated Teal £75 pr, Australian White eye £200 pr, Ringed Teal £50 pr.
2x Red vented bulbuls Softbills 2019
Description2 young Red vented bulbuls for sale Parent reared and aviary bred,  Lovely Softbills to keep Bred this year so 2020 birds Unsexed although pretty sure ones a male, UK bred birds - £140 each
3 Australian Kings cock birds
DescriptionI have a 3 Australian Kings cock birds for sale. All are bred by myself, are closed rung and related.    1 of them is full coloured up, has a damaged lower beak (does not affect breeding) (2018 Clos
8 Opaline Fischer lovebirds,1 split opal
DescriptionI have 8 opaline Fischer lovebirds and 1 split dilute opaline Fischer lovebird,bag of seed,bag of cuttlefish,bag of sawdust,2 box carry cages,1 transport cage,some drinkers all for the very cheap pric
9 pairs of cockatiels
Description9 pairs of cockatiels all good colours I bought them to breed with but I have change my mind now £750 for the lot 
Abysinnian lovebird cocks
DescriptionAbysinnian lovebird cocks in normal and dark green 2020 bred and one 2018 bred. £50 each
Abyssinians and Madagascan lovebirds
Description6 pairs and 1 hen Madagascan lovebirds  2 pairs olive Abyssinian lovebirds 2018 close rung 1 pair olive cock to normal hen Abyssinian lovebirds Close rung 2018    collection from po8 area or can a
Adult crimson wing hen
DescriptionAdult crimson wing hen. £225   Can courier