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Many coloured
DescriptionWanted hen Many coloured Parrakeet. Can collect at Carlisle sale.


Descriptioncrimson belly conure , adult hen bird must have dna………..Nottingham area
Lutino Princess of wales
DescriptionLutino cock princess of wales.  DNA 2019. £75. Please phone Terry 02085088997.
DNA sexed pair blue throated conures
DescriptionMiddlesbrough 07562274144, DNA sexed pair adult blue throated conures, both in excellent feather, proven but not for me, that have A10 cities papers £350 the pair,I also have a DNA sexed male blue thr
 DNA sexed pair lutino Quakers
DescriptionMiddlesbrough 07562274144. Adult pair lutino Quakers, DNA sexed. Are proven but not for me. Aviary birds. ready for breeding in spring , in excellent feather, £240 the pair
Fallow kakarikis
DescriptionWanting 2 cock fallow kakarikis if have any please get in touch ....
Blue opaline and Fallow Bourkes
DescriptionLooking for blue opaline and Fallow Bourkes 2 or 3 pairs of each. Will  be at Carlisle sale  Sunday 2nd February . so can meet their or collect withing reasonable distance of Whitehaven Cumbria. Pleas
Description2019 c/r PASTEL ROCK PEBBLERS 2 cocks and 1 hen kept in a large outside aviary { 1 cock paired to hen and will not split these } they are £200 a bird HAVE TABLES AT CARLISLE STAFFORD AND NEWARK BIRD S
King parrot breeding pair
DescriptionProven breeding pair King parrot good feather  £450 
Barnards breeding pair
DescriptionProven breeding pair barnards good feather  Female DNA certificate £180 
Mutation green cheek conures
DescriptionMutation green cheek conure bred by Ian Price. Bonded DNA pair  Cock, Yellowside split Pineapple, split Blue. Born May 19 Hen, Pineapple split blue. Born January 19. Pick up in South wales, or I ha


Description  birds going to carlisle  both sold subject to collection   rubino rosella cock £70 pastel / blue rosella  hen £90 jeff 07852292081
Birds for Carlisle
DescriptionPair pennants red and a blue proven with dna been in flights outside all winter in Scotland £130 hen mealy with dna all yellow white wings cracking bird lost cook bird and short room £100 outside all
Wanted - Alexandrine Cock
DescriptionWanted Mature Alexandrine Cock - prefer proven , must be breeding age Also Mutation Alexandrines - WHY  Available for exchange or sale  All below now sold or exchanged Last Years - Lutino Alexand
Moustache parakeets
Description2019 bred moustache parakeets (2 related) aviary birds £70 each
X2 Hand reared baby conures
DescriptionMiddlesbrough 07562274144, x2 hand reared baby green cheek conures, both intensive red pineapples, both will be female as they are sex linked. Cuddly tame rung and will come hatch certificate and care
X3 hand reared baby ringnecks
DescriptionMiddlesbrough 07562274144, x3 hand reared baby ringnecks, 1 albino, 1 lutino and 1 ice blue lacewing with white head and tail. Ready in around 3 weeks time, all rung and will be cuddly tame and come w
DescriptionLast 2019 bred dnad MUSTACHED COCK BIRD from outside aviary c/r  and healthy bird £100 Last 2019 bred Plumhead HEN in outside aviary c/r £100  
Spendid parakeet hens
DescriptionSpendid parakeet hens Cheshire/North Wales


For Sale
DescriptionSingle birds 2017 Turquoise split cinnamon split cleartail cock£80 2019 Turquoise Violet cleartail cock£150 2019 Violet split cleartail female £100 2019 Violet split cleartail female £100 2019 Vi
Cleartail ringnecks f
DescriptionProven pairs cock blue cleartail 2014 hen turquoise violet df split cleartail 2014 £300 Cock pied green split blue 2016 hen pied grey green split blue 2016 £200  
Rosellas nesting boxes
DescriptionHi i am looking for some rosellas nesting boxes must be in good condition  thanks Paul   
Lineolated Parakeets
Description2019 DNA sexed  green x blue Lineolated £55pr (Sold) 2019 DNA male Blue split Cremino and Greywing £30 2019 DNA male Blue split Cremino and Greywing £30 2018 DNA male Green split Blue £25 2017 Pro
Two pairs Budgies.
DescriptionI have got two pairs Budgies for sale. 1 pair. Male violet and yellow face and Female sky blue. 2 pair. Male grey and Female colbalt blue. Approx Two years old. £15 pair.