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DescriptionI have young and pair up lovebirds,Opaline whitehead,orangehead,redhead in lutino,dilute,olive,blue,cinnamon.Fallow in blue,yellow,opaline,turquoise.Rare Fischer lovebirds yellowface,euwing opaline,op
Opaline Fischer Lovebirds
Description2019 bred top quailty dilute opaline fischers and some blue/violet euwings and some normal fischers also for sale.starting price £25
Abyssinian love birds
DescriptionAbyssinian's for sale cocks and hens can make unrelated pairs, nice condition good feather, all toes and nails etc.  All 2019 birds £50 EACH  collection only wr4  
 Fischers - Dilute Blue
DescriptionProven pair of Dilute blue Fischers - birds originate from Holland and Spain from top breeders - hen has slight deformity to her upper mandible but that has not stopped her raising 11 chicks for me ov
Nyasa, Blackcheeked & Masked Lovebirds
DescriptionNyasa Lovebirds for sale. DNA sexed unrelated pairs £65.00 - 1pr left Proven pair good breeders £65.00 Lutino/Blue x Normal/ino & Blue DNA pair £90.00  -SOLD Normal Pied/Blue 2019 young £40.00