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Colony of 18 medagascan lovebirds
DescriptionA rare opportunity to acquire a colony of medagascan lovebirds.8 pairs and 2 spare females 18 birds in total.all unrelated and living together in an 8 foot's an established colony so will no
Black cheek lovebirds
Description7 black cheek lovebirds £150 for the 7  can bring to Stafford 
nyassa lovebirds
Descriptionselling for a friend 8 nyassa lovebirds 6 very nice pieds 2 normals all in outside flight in a colony work commitments force sale please make an offer 
Lovebirds for sale
DescriptionDue to other commitments I'm looking to sell all my quality mutation lovebirds - masked in normal and pied - Fischers in yellow faced - pastel yellow faced and blue series others - I have over 40 Fisc

Abyssinian Love Birds

Abyssinian Love Birds
DescriptionOne pair of D Green hen and DD Green cock getting on a bit scruffy on heads but always have one - three young a year always breed Dec - Jan £30. Can take to Stafford 1 December.
Fischer Lovebirds
DescriptionOne proven pair of DEC Yellow fischers £45 hen bird has twisted toe does not stop her from breeding and is not passed onto young. Can take to Stafford 1 December.
Dilute blue Fischers
DescriptionProven pair of Dilute blue Fischers - birds originate from Holland and Spain from top breeders - hen has slight deformity to her upper mandible but that has not stopped her raising 11 chicks for me ov
Yellow faced Fisher pairs
DescriptionProven pairs of yellow faced Fischers - some yellow faced to yellow faced others yellow faced to violet - also pastel yellow faced - I've 4 pair of adults to sell -please see my other advert for this
fischer lovebirds for sale
DescriptionHi I have a selection of 2019 fischer lovebirds for sale - yellow faced - yellow faced pastel - pastel - dark blue and violet - can make up 6 unrelated pairs and 2 spare violet hens - prices from £80