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Added 2019-06-14 12:01:13
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Several birds for sale and re-arranging aviaries a little 


Grey Indian Ringneck - 2018 rung. sex unknown. Not tame, but not aggressive. a bit skittish so needs
someone who can spend plenty of time with them. started chattering but not talking properly yet. - £150


Caique - Adult male, DNA sexed, 2 (to 2.5) year old, isnt tame, but will take food from you. - £250


GMR - male golden mantle rosella 2 and a half years old, not tame, big bird - £75


Quaker - green quaker, believed to be male, about 10 months old - £90


Would offer all 4 for £500

can arrange delivery through walkers (£50)


Midland UK, UK
, NG6 8BQ