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Blue Throated Macaw pairs

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Contact Lyndon : 07544577476
Added 2019-06-13 18:03:41
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Blue Throated Macaws/Ara Glaucogularis

2 young unrelated, bonded pairs of Blue Throated Macaws.

All birds were sourced by me from Holland, Belgium & Norway and are unrelated.

Offspring from the pairs could be used to set up future unrelated pairs.

Both pairs  have been together for two years and are fully bonded.

All four birds are closed rung, have DNA and correct CITES.

All birds are feather perfect, in immaculate condition and are large specimens.

Pairs are housed in large outside aviaries and are strong flyers.

Pair 1 - both 3 year old.

Pair 2 - cock 4 and hen 3 year old.

Both pairs to be sold together as a breeding unit - £7500.





Wales, UK
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