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Pennants / Taz Hen 2016

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Added 2019-05-22 06:53:51
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Tasmanian hen (2016 bred) ready to breed this year £130 no offers. (P now sold) yellow cock Rosella ( not a pied pennant) proven for me in 2017/8. £110 (now sold) also he's son who is hybrid bred with lutino rosella.£80. or £150 if bought with hen  cinnamon orange split blue originally priced at £100. They are unrelated .cock pennant (proven) lost hen with 10 eggs in nest. Big , strong bird £150 . Also he's 3 chicks from 2018 all orange cinnamon / blue splits. Cock £85,  hen £100 beautiful pastel hen £130. 2018 birds closed ring by me. Only selling because going in to grass Parakeets. Photo's can be sent . cheers


South East UK, UK
, SO18 5QU