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Added 2019-11-30 13:41:12
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I’m possibly looking for a new home for my Cuban amazon.

I have been working with this bird for the last six months and it’s Clear to me this bird will never tame and needs a lift in an aviary with another Cuban amazon for company. 

The bird is unsexed, I do have the cities paperwork and has been living in my outdoors bird room since arriving here so is climate accustomed.

I do not want this bird to go to a pet home as this will not make the bird happy and I want what’s best for it.

it is 12 years old coming up to 13 years so still a great age and would make a fantastic breeding bird 

I’m based in Leicester and cannot deliver and the price is for the bird only and I will want to know where he/she is going to be living prior to letting him go

I want what’s best for this bird, I’m asking for much less than I paid for him but I don’t think he’s happy trying to be made into a pet bird, he needs to be an aviary bird 

£450 for him





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