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Added 2019-09-10 20:39:52
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12 week old H/R stunning DNA Sexed Hen bird, already talking. Handled by all the family and used to our 2 pet dogs...lovely example of this talented breed. CITES in order , price £895

Proven 4 year old pair of Blue Throat Conures, had 6 babies this year CITES in order , price £400

Proven  Conure pair, Cock Pineapple /Hen Blue Pineapple 4 years old £170

Blue Pineapple Hen , 3 years ( I will check) £100

Blue Pineapple Cocks x 2 2019 ,  £ 90 each 

All birds fed the best diet going...

Call 07805356595


, Hu