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Bramshaw Table Top Bird Sale
Contact Rob, 02380660460
Added 2019-04-10 19:00:13
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Our next sale at Bramshaw is on Sunday, 14th April. Doors open 12 noon and here's a list of some of the birds that will be at Bramshaw:

Blue billed fire finches / lavender finches

blue faced parrot finches / red headed parrot finches

black billed fire finches / silverbills / star finches

dybowskiis twin spots / gouldians / owl finches

cord en bleur waxbills / bengalese / emou zebra finches

exhibition zebra finches / normal zebs


canaries / red factors / mosaics

borders / fifes / irish / addata

frills / gloucesters / new colours


Budgies / exhibition / aviary / babies


british cock goldfinch / female goldfinch mule

chaffinches / blue tits / bramblings

european robins / syberian bilfinches

bronze winged mannekin spice birds


masked lovebirds / cockatiels / turqs 

blue wings / kakarikis - yellow - blues - cream and blues

diamond doves


pair of kings / hen many colours

stanley cock bird


These are just a few of the birds coming to Bramshaw there will be many more on the day.

Please remember that membership must be applied for before the sale day.


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, SO43 7JE