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Description Hi I have some 3 foot x 3 foot cube cages  for sale 4 in total in good condition just need a jet was all dismantled please phone for more information £250
Rainforest Parrot Aviaries ,Treble cage
DescriptionI have a few Rainforest Parrots Aviaries, never been used, but need washing, also large and medium treble cages, all originally bought from Rob Harvey, and few more items, would accept decent offers f
Rosemead style Double Breeder Cage
DescriptionI Have for sale a double breeder unit in Rosemead/RJ leigh style It is approx 6'x3'x3',with two compartment,top and bottom. I have taken this to pieces as it was cut in several places for nestboxes/
aluminum aviary
DescriptionRosemead aluminium aviary 12foot x 6foot x 6foot  big enough for macaws just needs a clean