bearded barbets

* For Sale *
bearded barbets
Description1-2 bearded barbets for sale can be send by walkers courier from a location in the netherlands we are close to dutch border    only serious enquiries

pekin robin

* For Sale *
pekin robin
Description1-1 peking robin for sale can be picked up or couriered by walkers to uk 
mealwurms and other lifefood
Descriptionlive mealwurms in wholesale per 100 kilo 6 euro per kilo pickup in calais possible  aske info if want sell live food in uk or have petshop     

aluminium 20x20x1,5

* For Sale *
aluminium 20x20x1,5
Descriptionaluminium tube 20x20x1,5   per 1000 meter price 1,45 euro  for smaller amounts aske info  shipping can be done easy at cost ofcourse or you can pick up at calais    please only serious inquery s 
Red crested Cardinals
Description2020 Red Crested Cardinals for sale
silver eared Mezia
Description2020 pair silver eared Mezia
bearded Reedlings
Description 2020 pairs of Bearded Reedlings for sale.


* For Sale *
Description2020 cock common Redstarts for sale  
western blue bird
Descriptionwanted cock western blue bird
white Wagtail
Descriptionwanted cock white Wagtail
white collard Uyhinas
Description2020 white collard Uyhinas for sale  waiting DNA results
snowy crowned Robin Chats
Description2020 snowy crowned Robin Chats for sale waiting DNA results


* For Sale *
DescriptionBreeding pair of Dubble yellow haed amazons all paperwork cites and d n a in order the hen is 8 and cock is 13 a good breeding pair of birds if interested phone 0877932202. Price 2250.SOLD.
Various birds for sale
DescriptionPair Blue black masked lovebirds £70prPair Fischer's lovebirds £70prPair lutino peach faced lovebirds £70 prPair mountain parakeets £100prPair Red GMRs £140 pr3 x normal GMRs £60 each1 x Purple glossy
Male Blue and gold Macaw
DescriptionBlue and gold Macaw Male, I’ve owned him since a baby 2002 From Macaws Direct, immaculate condition, was cuddly tame, excellent talker, since introducing him to a female 3 years ago, he’s gone very ag
Blue and gold Macaw
DescriptionAdult proven blue and gold Macaw female, Lost mate proven breeder with previous Male Many times, very good breeder, year 2000 closed rung, good talker and hand tame, but aviary home only, plucked fron
Bulbul  ( red_cheeked or white_cheeked )
DescriptionWANTED*** Hi everyone.I'm looking for chick or young bulbul ( red_cheeked or white_cheeked ) to buy.If anyone wants to sale just let me know.Please text me by email Thank you
Turquoise Fischers Breeding Pair.
DescriptionTurquoise sable head cock 19 c/r DNA x Turquoise pied hen 18 c/r £100 breeding age. SF edged split pale fallow/blue x green/pale fallow/blue u/r 20 c/r £ 150. Can make other u/r pale fallow pairs.
Hen sun conure
DescriptionLooking for a 2020 hen sun conure please if anyone can help. Looking for handreared but may consider steady bird.  Must have proof of sex and be fully weaned etc. Cash waiting and happy to travel /m
Port Lincoln pair wanted
DescriptionPort Lincoln pair wanted 

British Birds

2020 bred
British Birds
DescriptionNormal greenfinches 2020 bred closed rung size E rings large birds related to open show winners £40 each
Red faced parrot finches
Description3 red heads, all cocks.  Don't want them just living their life out.  2 from 2019, 1 2018. £30 each.
Livingstone Turaco - Cock
DescriptionHand tame cock Livingstone Turaco for sale. More like a dog than a bird. He follows you everywhere and eats out of your hand. Stunning condition. Only selling as I haven't got the time to prepare all
2x Red vented bulbuls Softbills 2019
Description2 young Red vented bulbuls for sale Parent reared and aviary bred,  Lovely Softbills to keep Bred this year so 2020 birds Unsexed although pretty sure ones a male, UK bred birds - £140 each