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Black cap conure
DescriptionU/r  pair of black cap conure last year young 0/18 with D.N.A paper £150no offer I am from st helens Merseyside 
Greenwing pair wanted
DescriptionHi I am looking for. Greenwing pair , dna , closed ring is a must under 15 years old please if you have a pair and not sure you want to sell please still get in touch , good home available and no mes
Major Mitchell’s
DescriptionHi looking for pair of major Mitchell’s have to be under 10 , dna and closed rung   if you do not have a pair female wanted or lutino galah  plesse get one tough right money paid for right birds 
Birmingham Roller pigeons - packing up
DescriptionBirmingham roller pigeons mix age mainly yearlings approx 10 left all deep rollers and home bred from good bloodlines work commitment forces sales   £10 each 
Yeallow thighed caique
DescriptionProven cock bird 5 years old, perfect condition £300
Pair green wing macaws
Descriptionafter pair green wing macaws  No old or tatty birds If proven would need see pictures or video of the pair with the youngster  DNA and rung please  Would take young or expet pair  No dealers 
pyrrhura picta
Description2016 dna’d  Female pyrrhura picta spilt rung for sale. Contact 07745016490 or email
Emerald dove male
DescriptionWanted : Male Emerald dove .  Can travel for  the right bird  Thanks for looking to my advert
X3 male conures
DescriptionMiddlesbrough  07562274144. X3 DNA sexed male green cheek conures,  were hand reared but gone back over but are still steady. 2 normals  1 cinnamon, all in mint condition £70 each. This year's birds
X2 DNA  sexed female quakers
Description07562274144 middlesbrough,  x2 dna sexed female Quakers, one is blue adult, other is a pastel blue about 7 month old. Both in mint condition . £60 each
Description2019 Bred Doves all bred in a large outside planted aviary Pair 2019 AUSTRALIAN CRESTED doves £150 PAIR 2 proven pairs PIED DIAMOND doves £75 a pair  I PAIR SOLD 8 2019 bred PIED DIAMOND doves £30
DescriptionProven cock red sided eclectus flying in a 60 ft aviary immaculate bird and only for sale as lost hen egg bound £500 Bought as 4 year old and has bred for the last 3 years here so 7 years old trying t
Description2 PAIRS OF PROVEN PIED DIAMOND DOVES £75 A PAIR  [both pairs reared this year] THEY WILL BOTH BREED STRAIGHT AWAY only for sale as i have 5 pairs with eggs and young now and have bred over 25 chicks s
Hand reared baby African grey
DescriptionMiddlesbrough 07562274144 hand reared baby African grey parrot 12 weeks old ready now. Super cuddly tame, we believe he is male,  closed PSUK rung, comes with hatch certificate and cities a10 certific
DescriptionLast 2019 bred dnad MUSTACHED COCK BIRD from outside aviary c/r  and healthy bird £100  
DNA African grey hen
DescriptionMiddlesbrough 07562274144. DNA sexed African grey hen about 10 years old, in beautiful condition. She is an aviary bird not a pet. She does say a few words and she is a bit of a growler. She is microc
Male lutino ringneck
DescriptionMiddlesbrough 07562274144, male lutino ringneck, aviary bird not Pet, 3 years old in beautiful condition £100
DNA sexed pair senegal parrots
DescriptionMiddlesbrough 07562274144. Adult pair senegal parrots, DNA sexed, both in good feather,aviary birds not pets £400 the pair
Moustached parakeets
DescriptionHi a pair mastached packets proven 
Painted finches for sale
Description1pair of painted finches £110.00 ',3painted cocks £40.00 each,,5 Gouldian cock £30.00each,,(all 2019 bred)
Gouldian finches
Description2019 pairs of gouldian finches for sale £50 per pair
Black capped lorikeet
DescriptionI have a stunning breeding pair of black capped lorikeet for sale,  Closed rung and DNA, call for more details and price. 
Aviary's  for large parrots
DescriptionI have a complete set of outdoor aviary's with  indoor service cages, heating tubes, nest boxes, swing feeders etc. There are 2 adjoining outside aviary units in excellent condition. One set will ho