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African grey babys handreared
DescriptionHi I have 4 baby African greys handreared and ready to be re homed. Come with cities paperwork and hatch certificate along with DNA certificate. 2 males 2 females hatched on 24feb As for more infor
Parrots Wanted
DescriptionWanted Young adult Pairs of Red Bellied Parrots, Jardine's Parrots, Ruppell's Parrots, Brown-headed parrots, Cape parrots Also other similar medium size Parrots In or around Stoke on Trent Staffords


blue fronted hen 03 c/r
DescriptionBlue fronted hen (Re-advertised due to a time waster) hand reared and close rung 2003 but more suited to breeding as she has laid eggs in cage so bit broody and aggressive with strangers, not sexed o
Black Headed Caiques
DescriptionBlack Headed Caiques  Hand reared cuddly tame Hatch date 25/5/19 please call for more details and to view Dave 07768 978451
Proven Mealy Amazons
DescriptionProven Mealy Amazons (mature pair) age not known very quite and calm compare to my other birds, lovely big birds both have sexing rings hen has few toes missing but dont bother her in anyway,Male
Yellow crowned amazons
DescriptionHand Reared Yellow Crowned Amazons  close rung, hatch date 12/5/19 waiting DNA results  very cuddly being hand reared in a non smoking environment  call for more details and to view  Dave 07768


Proven Pair
DescriptionYoung cinaman green lightly pied Kakariki,s cocks and hens five in total £20 each.  
Blue Throated Macaws Pair
DescriptionAdult pair bred 1995 from USA Blue Throated Macaws, proven last in 2017, immaculate condition, very bonded. Article 10s, microchip and closed ring. £2,500 


For Sale
DescriptionHimalayan monal male 2015 £80 pair of yellow Golden 2016 £50 pair of red Golden 2017 £50 pair of white crested turaco £900 pair of northern helmeted curassow ( brown female) 2016 £1000 blue groun


For Sale
Descriptionsunbird and pekin robins long tailed black belled beautiful sun bird 3year old just coming  into colour £350 and pair of pekin robins 3year old £240 can take to warwick sale ron 07768723531
Bonded pair white capped pionus
DescriptionHello there.I have a bonded pair white capped pionus, they have put them together about 2 weeks ago, and they have accepted each other really well, the male is proven and he is about 7 years old, and