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Dusky Pionus male exchange
DescriptionLooking to exchange our 2019 homebred, c/r, p/r DNA male Dusky Pionus male for same to make an unrelated pair. If no exchange would be interested in buying young pair not worried if related pair.
BH Caique adult males
DescriptionHave 2 adult male BHC for sale £250 each or exchange for young males. 2007 c/r, DNA and other split rung with DNA believed 2008. They are too mature to pair with our 2019 youngsters. Can take to St
Various for Stafford
DescriptionTables 89 and 90.  3 male brown-headed parrots (Poicephalus cryptoxanthus) for sale. Beautiful mature specimens in excellent condition flying in large planted aviary but cannot find hens for them (1
Pair fischeri pale fallow green/bleu '19
DescriptionFischeri 2019 with dna 1-1 green/bleu/fallow x pale fallow green/bleu Birds can be delivered in the UK
Male Black Headed Caique Wanted
DescriptionLooking for a Male Parent Reared Black Headed Caique. 3 years or older.  
Heck grass Finch
DescriptionHeck grass Finch cock birds only £20 each 
Descriptionproven pair of African greys would like to swap for a pair of macaws
Pastel Rock Pepplers for Stafford
DescriptionStunning pair of pastel rock pepplers for Stafford if reserved 
Tic 5 Brinsea  Brooder
DescriptionTLC 5 Brinsea Brooder perfect working order very clean price £250 Brinsea octagon 20 perfect working order price £120 can take to Stafford if deposit paid thanks  Mobile 07775 238098
lorikeets for stafford
Descriptionadult pair of ornates £600 adult pair of red collared £350 red collared cock £150 all birds are dna sexed and unrelated table at stafford

Gouldians Purple and White Breasted

Bird Show / Sale / Event
Gouldians Purple and White Breasted
DescriptionA few pairs of Gouldians all 2019 parent reared,.  (Photos taken today 04/10/2019 Can take to Stafford ALL SOLD AS PAIRS..YOU CHOOSE ... £50 PAIR Cocks: OH PB SF DILUTE X 2 RH PB SF DILUTE X 2 O


For Sale
Description2019 breed male Burring owls £150 ea can take to Stafford 
REDWINGS.(Turdus iliacus).
DescriptionTwo 2019 cocks with D.N.A.  Will be at Stafford this Sunday. If interested please contact BEFORE  1PM SATURDAY 5th OCTOBER.  

Pineapple Conures

Bird Show / Sale / Event
Pineapple Conures
Description2X proven prolific breeding pair pineapple Conures in Immaculate Condition and quality. Can take to Stafford with reservation. 200 a pair or 375 for both pairs. 
2019 parent reared white capped Pionus
Description2019 close rung, parent reared, dna sexed related pair white capped Pionus £450. Would swap cock for same.  
1.1 Purple Glossy Starlings
Description1.1 PURPLE GLOSSY STARLING Lamprotornis purpureus 2018/19 bred in France, unrelated, with dna certificates
Handreared cockatiels
DescriptionHandreared from 2 weeks old very tame and friendly ,based in Fife Scotland £80 each
 Bare-Eyed Cockatoo and Hooded
Description2019 Parent reared Bare-Eyed Cockatoo £750.00 pair Hooded. 2019 cock. 2018 hen. Unrelated £225 pair  2019 pairs £210 Cocks £100 2019 Normal Splendid £35 each All birds Kept and  Bred in outside avi
2019 Pure Normal Turks
Description2019 Pure Normal Turks £ 30
Hawkhead Cock 2011
Description2011 Cock Hawkhead not compatible with my hen he is ready to breed and she is not. Plucked on chest due to frustration!! Can take to Stafford if notified tonight

African Grey 2018 Cock

African Grey 2018 Cock
Description2018 Cock Parent reared African Grey surplus to my requirements Cites cert Close rung Aviary home only This is a future breeding bird not a pet. Can take to Stafford if notified tonight Call for
Mutation princess of wales
DescriptionPrincess of Wales in lutino/ blue / and white. DNA certificates.  Can take to Stafford bird show on Sunday.  Please phone Terry 02085088997.
Major Mitchell's Cockatoo's
DescriptionPair of Major Mitchell cockatoos available Both in perfect feather, hen bird has 1 slightly twisted toe nail on her left foot.  Cock bird 2009 Hen bird 2008 Both close rung and live in outdoors fl
Bearded Barbets
DescriptionPr Bearded Barbets, bought as a pair but not sure, NO DNA. Ring for Details if  interested.  Excellent Condition. £325  / or near offer.