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Parrot Finches - Stafford
DescriptionRed headed parrot finches  £70 pair  Lutino - split lutino  £125 pair Sea green   £80 pair Blue face parrot finches  £55 pair  Split yellow £65 pair Yellow - split yellow  £75 pair Forbes  £80 p

Grass parakeets

Going to Stafford Spring Sale
Grass parakeets
DescriptionWanted 2019 rung bourkes,turquoisine and splendid grass parakeets. can collect at Stafford bird sale    
 Blue Front Amazon Hen
DescriptionAdult Blue Fronted Amazon Hen wanted for a lonely cock bird..Going to Stafford..Based in Scotland but willing to travel..
Description1.1 SENEGAL ZOSTEROPS true pair with dna 2018, good condition   Collection from London or from Stafford   Fed on feeds & supplements from
1.1 Red Crested Cardinal PAIR
Description1.1 Red crested Cardinal pair Paroaria coronata 2019 bred unrelated close-rung with DNA   Collection from London or delivery by courier Fed on feeds and supplements from


For Sale
DescriptionProbally manycolour cross not £50 can W hatsap immage


Proven Pair
Descriptionspangle kakarikis all colours going stafford from £35
Goldfinch mule
DescriptionGoldfinch mule really nice looking bird singing all day £70 or bullfinch hen
Proven African Grey
DescriptionProven African grey cock bird with cities. Perfect feather condition and good strong flyer £550


For Sale
DescriptionUnopened bag of Roudybush Parrot Pellets High Energy Breeder  £40.  07941968107 
Bengalese Manchester
DescriptionHi, I have for sale around 20 Bengalese finches.  Lots of different colours and mutations including crested, chocolates, creams, greys and pieds.  Prices ranging from £5-£10 
WANTED : Slatey Head Cock bird
DescriptionLooking for Slaty Head Parakeet Cockbird    Preferably of breeding age but any age considered. Can meet at Stafford if you like or call on 07874 844121  
Senegal Parrot
DescriptionWANTED Adult Senegal  Cock Bird Rung and D.N.A if possible 

Galah Hen

Galah Hen
DescriptionAdult Hen Galah wanted. Please phone Terry 02085088997.
Silver eared Mesia
DescriptionOwn bred 2019 Silver eared Mesia.£750 a pair
Fallow , Silver cockatiels
DescriptionWANTED fallow and silver cockatiels 
Meyer’s cock
DescriptionFor sale 2019 cock Meyer’s was avairy breed but not a strong flyer close rung DNA sexed perfect feather £130 can take to Stafford 
Wanted  blue and gold female macaw
DescriptionWanted blue and gold female macaw as mine flew away  please call on 07539 239783 Thank you   
DescriptionWanted alexandrine male of breeding age and rung close to derbyshire thanks
Sierra parakeets
DescriptionI've got two groups of Sierra's lovely birds from 1 to 3 years old Looking for £90.00 a pair


Descriptionlooking for a cock fiery shouldered any age considered   
Illigers female parent reared
Description2019 parent reared female Illigers Macaw, DNA sexed and CITES certificates. Very good feather condition, kept inside over winter as selling aviary's Price £400
Chinese Hawfinch
DescriptionFor Sale my nice pair of Chinese Hawfinch been in a  flight for the last twelve months  selling due to change in direction getting back into British can get them to Stafford  looking for £400 but open

Yellow Headed star finches

Going to Stafford Spring Sale
Yellow Headed star finches
Description2 Pairs Yellow headed star finches for sale, going to Stafford. £45 pair.