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Senegal parrots

Proven Pair
Senegal parrots
DescriptionProven breeding pair Senegal's closed rung with DNA.500 the pair.. They had 2 rounds this year for me I'm just finishing off the last of the chicks they will be ready to soon 
Redtail black cockatoo
DescriptionFor a friend 2018 close rung DNA’d Male Redtail black cockatoo hand reared, very tame. £3000
Swift Hens
Description  I am looking for 2 Swift hens of breeding age, will travel a reasonable distance to collect.  Thank You
Exhibition budgies crests rares
DescriptionTop lines exhibition budgies Crests, clearbodies, lutino albino, recessives and top line normals Middlesbrough  can courier pictures on request
Looking for ringnecks or conures
Description I am looking for a conure or blue ringneck to join me in companionship after I lost my sweet baby quaker.  I don't mind travelling a little bit in Scotland for the right bird but also will accept c


DescriptionWanted a true pair of palawan peacock pheasants. 
fawn owl finche
Description   1 fawn cock £20.00

Lutino p o w

For Sale
Lutino p o w
DescriptionProven Lutino cock large Bird in good condition £100
Mutation plumheads
Descriptionmutation plumheads available. Various colours Message for details
Hand reared baby Quaker
DescriptionHand reared baby blue quaker,was spoken for but due to change in new owners circumstances, he is now for sale, 10 weeks old, ready now, cuddly tame, has hatch certificate.£180 can deliver local, No ca


For Sale
DescriptionBlue Pied,  Blue Pied fallows, From £50. Spangles   From £60 Some Breeding Pairs Available. Pair Pineapple Conures.   Cock is DNA.  £100  White face Pied Cockateils.   This years Birds,  lovely bi
Mutatation Rosellas
DescriptionSTANLEYS - Breeding pairs plus young.  Normal split opalines £80 each Opaline hens £100 each Blue opalines £120 each Normal split blues £40 each Pastel split blue £90 each Albino hen £150 GMR's

roul roul

roul roul
Descriptionwanted roul roul partridges
2019 western bluebirds
DescriptionHi i have to spare hen western bluebirds Both 2019 asking £200 each would consider Swaping hen for cock must be this year bird Can take to stafford
Baby Black Headed Caiques
DescriptionWe are currently hand feeding baby Black Headed Caiques.  These lovely parrots make great pets full of character and very friendly. We spend a great deal of time with the birds so they are super tame
Rainbow pastel Mutation ringneck female
DescriptionPastel Rainbow Pallid mutation Indian ringneck hen Beautiful bird and good feather she is 4 years old Had 4 young early this year, sold cock just this hen available Price for hen £125 No timewaste
Rare pair African Speckled doves pigeons
DescriptionBreeding pair Rare African Speckled doves / pigeons 2018 bred lovely condition and birds..  Live in a mixed aviary with finches, budgies, canaries and quail.  No more timewasters please  Thanks  
Java sparrows
DescriptionFew java sparrows, mainly white ones but a few normal 
 Orange Headed Thrush
DescriptionI have a young pair of Orange Headed Thrushes, hen 2018, cock 2019. nice healthy birds, good feather. £250


For Sale
DescriptionD/F Violet split opaline cock, Blue opaline hen. £150 pair.    Sea green split opaline cock,  Opaline hen, £150 pair.    Aqua blue spangle cock, Green violet hen. £120 pair.
Birds for Carlisle
DescriptionHi I have Pennants going to Carlisle 8/9/2019.  Adult pairs and this years young all with DNA certs. Adult pairs are Blue cock x Red hen. £150 Orange gold cock x Cinnamon hen. £200 NOW SOLD Orange
Common ground dove pair.
Description1 pair of common ground dove for sale. 2018 birds. £50
Common redstart pair
Description1 pair of 2018 common redstart for sale.  BBC rung.
Baby sun conure
DescriptionBaby sun conure for sale ready to go 1left Blackpool £300 hand tame