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For Sale Derbyans & Australian Kings
DescriptionFOR SALE 1 Adult Pair of Australian Kings £450 1 Adult Pair Derbyans £450 Lovely healthy colourful birds Call Tony on 07548279259 or e-mail any questions Swanley in Kent
Barttlett's bleeding heart dove
DescriptionMale Bartlett's  bleeding heart dove, 4 years old ,closed rung ,DNA sexed, £250
Moustached parakeets
Description2018 bred Moustached parakeets, unsexed in good health, not fully coloured yet, selling all 3 together due to change of directions. Picture attached when they were in the box last year. £400 for 3. No
DescriptionProven pair of pied Ringneck parakeets, in lovely condition, 5 years old £275 pair. No offers please. Essex area 
Crimson bellied conures X 3
Description3 x Crimson bellied conures selling due to change of directions , one DNA sexed Male others unsexed, 2 closed rung one with split ring, 2 and half years to 4 years old.  Selling all 3 together £400. N
Firey shoulder conures pair
DescriptionFirey shoulder conures pair, 18 months old , DNA tested with certificates , in good health £199 pair. No offers please.  Essex
Suncheek.   Conures
DescriptionPair opaline dilute to suncheek £725. pair opaline dilutes £500. adult pair yellowsided split dilute £300  table at stafford
Hen Chestnut  Backed Thrush
DescriptionWanted Hen Chestnut Backed Thrush for breeding. Will travel or meet at Stafford Show.
Descriptionpair white fronted amazons wanted prefere around 5 years old  must be immaculate condition and same sub species , collect at stafford

roul roul partridge

roul roul partridge
Descriptionbonded pair of roul roul partridge, hen 2013, cock 2016. £160 the pair.
Bird and cage
DescriptionBird with cage for sale parrotlet 4 month old£20


For Sale
DescriptionPair of vinaceous amazons, laid 1st time last year (clear ), has been in box but nothing yet,  female not a great flyer £750 pair of lilac crowned Amazons, fertile eggs last year, male not a great fl