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The Bird Cage
DescriptionAluminium Aviaries & Breeding Cages Check out our website   Wanted Finsch Conure Cock Bird
Pineapple conures
Descriptionproven pair of pineapple conures  closed rung with dna paper work only reason for there sale is I am going into  newer Mutaion conures  located West Yorkshire  £120 


Descriptionwanted young cock and hen Meyers,obviously unrelated for future breeding with dna,money waiting for right birds ,in fife Scotland 
Cock ground dove
DescriptionMy son has lost his cock ground dove, he’s 9 years old and new to the hobby and is desperate for a cock bird, 
2 x African grey pair for sale
Description2 African Grey pairs for sale  Big proven Birds  Around 9 / 10 years old  Micro chipped with all Cities paperwork     
Breeding pairs African Grey Parrots
DescriptionI am looking for some breeding pairs of African Grey parrots please ring Steve on 07938941109 (no text please, Text will not be answered)
Bullfinch Male
DescriptionBullfinch Male spot on rung 17 /18 can confirm when caught  £50 no offers 


For Sale
DescriptionFemale hyacinth for sale dna sexed microchipped  comes with cites  8 months old  lovely bird  anymore Infor please ask 
Pr of starlings
DescriptionWanting a pair of starlings eared etc open to suggestions of what you may have ! Reasonably priced please ...


For Sale
DescriptionHatching quail eggs  Californian £1.50 each  gamble £1.50 each northern bobwhite £1 each snowflake bobwhite £1 each  Mexican bobwhite £1 each  can post eggs but might effect the hatch results bu
Normal Masked/Fischer's/B-cheeked
DescriptionPure-bred, normal black-masked lovebirds. No mutations. 2018 closed ringed, outside aviary bred in a colony (no heat or light). Vent-sexed. Lovely specimens. £25 each.        
Yellow-fronted kakarikis
DescriptionYellow-fronted kakarikis for sale. 2018 bred. Ready to breed (some already have!) Pairs of normal male x cinnamon hen £50 Cinnamon hens £25 Normal hens £25