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ian harris

For Sale
ian harris
Descriptionegg buddy for sale £125 +postage 

pineapple conure

pineapple conure
Descriptioni have a baby hand reared pieapple conure she is dnad hen very friendly and ready for her new home price is 150
2x Red vented bulbuls Softbills 2019
Description2 young Red vented bulbuls for sale Parent reared and aviary bred,  Lovely Softbills to keep Bred this year so 2019 birds Unsexed and UK bred birds - £150 each
Timneh grey male
DescriptionLooking for a male timneh grey as lost mine thanks for looking phone 07711770263
Breeding Boxes
Descriptionhere we have 24 breeding boxes, in very good condition    buyer takes down £200
Orange lutino & albino pennant
DescriptionThis years pennants orange lutinos & albinos  all cocks , £70 each  New Ollerton 07977254575
roul roul eggs  fretile
Description7 fresh laid roul roul  eggs will be fertile can  bring Stafford tomoz   25.00 each offers for all   I have 3 cocks and   4 hens    I hen is sat tight on 7 eggs 
Going to Stafford
DescriptionSierras - £90 pr Swifts - £140 pr Splendids - £40 each  Olive abyssinian lovebirds  Dilute plum heads  Table 67 at Stafford  

Various birds

Proven Pair
Various birds
DescriptionProven pair Umberella cockatoos , 9 year old £1450 proven pair blue and gold macaws, currently rearing chick off them, hen scruffy cock perfect feather £1600     
lutino,rubino bourkes
Descriptionwanted lutino and rubino bourkes, going to Stafford thank you bill.
DescriptionI will be taking the following birds to go on the Australian finch society stand/table  2019 bred Black and White mannikins £70 a pair  Moluccan mannikins  £50 a pair   
Fischer Lovebirds  going to Stafford
DescriptionBirds going to Stafford tomorrow table number 53 Euwings DEC Yellows Lutinos Albinos Breeding pairs 20 birds in all first come first served. Prices from £25  
Black hooded yellow siskin cock
DescriptionCock bird lost hen sitting fertile eggs £65 
Strawberry & gold brested
DescriptionWanted  2 x strawberry hens  1 x gold brest hen  going to Stafford tomorrow  07564330369
DescriptionWanted 2 x gouldians hens  going to Stafford tomorrow  07564330369
bluepineapple hen
DescriptionBlue pineapple hen. oct 2018, closed rung DNA sexed. £80.00 Pineapple hen. oct 2018, closed rung DNA sexed.    70.00.   mobile 07842595789.


For Sale
Descriptionadult pair of normal splendids £80.00 pair adlult normal cock green violet hen £85.00 pair 2019 blue pastel violets 40.00 each 2019 green violets 40.00 each tel01642 314980 going to stafford
nyasa lovebirds
DescriptionWanted sexed nyasa lovebirds
Rcom pro10 incubator and brinsea ecoglow
DescriptionUnwanted feathers day present  rcom10 incubator and brinsea brooder bought out off box and set up but not used basically band new  £200 ono
Various birds
Description    Red sided proven male Eclectus       £475   Black Headed male caique               £150   Proven pair Quakers , blue cock bird, pale green hen, closed rung ,dna  £120  all aviary birds. SOL
Conures going to Stafford
Description3 Crimson Bellied conures all with DNA 2019  2 Females  1 Male  1 Fireyshoulder conure 2019 with DNA male  table 78/79
9 Fischers Lovebirds £150 at Stafford
DescriptionNine Fischers Lovebirds 5 normal 3 yellow 1 blue/white. The 5 normals have DNA certs, showing 3 hens 2 cocks..£150 the lot can take to Stafford tel 07896369043

Yellow Thighed Caique Males

Yellow Thighed Caique Males
DescriptionLate 2018 Yellow Thighed Caique males available. Can take to Stafford. Text or phone 07712 597450. 
Mutation Kakariki Stafford
DescriptionHave a selection  birds available proven and early 2019 Table 26a stafford. Blue spangle, Blue split spangle, Blue pied Spangle and cream spangle/split. Two well marked pied hens.