Blue Fronted Amazon
DescriptionCock bird 4 years old cr Dna avairy bird only Will swap for meyers or Senegals  350.00 
ringnecks 2020 DFviolet
Descriptionringnecks 2020 with dna 3-0 DFviolet 1-0 (DF)violet turquoise 1-0 violet possible split cleartail   birds can be delivered in all the UK
ringnecks 2019 , 2020 pairs
Descriptionringnecks 2019 with dna 1-0 lacewing bleu turquoise 0-1 lacewing bleu turquoise ringnecks 2020 with dna 2-0 kobalt turquoise 2-1 kobalt 2-1 bleu 1-0 creme ino 0-1 albino 0-1 grey turquoise u
black rosella, opaline, regent parakeet
Description1-0 rosella black opaline 2020 1-0 rosella opaline split black 2020 0-1 rosella opaline split black 2020 6 regent parakeets males and females 2020 and some rosella males and females opaline , cinn
Blue ground doves
DescriptionProven pr blue ground doves £120 SOLD 
Amazona A. xanthopteryx cock
Description2020 parent reared cock, amazona A xanthopteryx, closed rung and dna'd, been handled so very steady, should be ready in about 2/3 weeks, no time wasters please!   £1000


* For Sale *
Descriptionfishers lovebirds 10 blues  £20 each 4 black eyed yellow  £25 each all this years and unsexed  
9 pairs of cockatiels
Description9 pairs of cockatiels all good colours I bought them to breed with but I have change my mind now £750 for the lot 
Olive pigeon for sale
DescriptionOlive pigeon pairs 2019/2020 hatched  common bronze wing pigeon 2020 hatched   
Baby hand reared African Grey
Description15 week old English bred hand reared African grey baby with all correct paperwork silly tame ready for new home now    Ask for Gerry 


* For Sale *
DescriptionHi I have a pair yellow red rumps £50 also one young Ck £20 red pennants £60 possible split black Gmr 2 hens 2 cocks £55 a pair of Robino Gmr £180 breeding pair 07970405809 
2020 Australian finches
Description2020 Australian finches most parent reared some in outside aviary   10 pairs PARSONS £50 u/r pairs some aviary bred  4 PAIRS SOLD 3 pairs HECKS £45 u/r pairs aviary bred fawns normals all split cre
Black francolin or Kala teetar
DescriptionBreeding pair of kala teetar for sale, birds are breeding aviary birds they are not tame however they are not jumpy either. Male started to speak in the summer when breeding season started, videos ava


DescriptionWanted Hen White Faced Cockatiel -  Prefer East Yorks / Hull area many thanks
Derbyans - Proven Pair
DescriptionProven Pair of Derbyan Parakeets (Psittacula derbiana), 5 years old - healthy and in good feather  May exchange for Alexandrines 350 FOR THE PAIR  
Dusky Conure - Wanted
DescriptionWanted Dusky Conures - Aratinga weddellii Need Hen - Normal, Split or Lutino  WHY Based in East Yorkshire - Willing to travel
White Capped Riverchats
DescriptionWhite Capped Riverchats 2020 3 x Females (DNA’d) £600 each
WANTED pair of honeycreepers
DescriptionLooking for honeycreepers (red or yellow legged) for educational collection. Lovely accomodation waiting. Please contact. 07971550320   Thank you, Carl

Fruit Pigeons

* For Sale *
Fruit Pigeons
DescriptionExchange male Ptilinopus Greyii (2 years old) for similar male Ptillinopus Porphyreus (pink headed fruit pigeon)  
Breeding pair of Son conures (sold)
DescriptionBreeding pair of sun conures  dna  closed rung  4 years of age  absolute mint  which u can see on the pictures    £550

GMR Cock split blue

* For Sale *
GMR Cock split blue
DescriptionFor sale, Adult cock GMR split Blue. ( 2019 ) £ 50. Aviary bird, only in cage to sell and take picture. Collection only, please bring box.
Grey backed thrush pair
DescriptionPair of unrelated grey backed thrush available. Lovely birds good condition. £250
The Bird Cage
DescriptionDusky Conures wanted
Blue throated conures
Description3 young blue throated conures  2 hen 1 cock call jimmy07707769020