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Black Cap Cock
DescriptionBlack Cap Cock  2019 bird, very healthy just spare to breeding project Can take to Guildford Bird Shows £70 or near offer 
Black headed caique
DescriptionI am looking for a pair of black headed caique, c/r p/r 2018/19 good price paid or swap for bonded pair of African greys. 
Black headed caique cock
DescriptionWanted black headed caique cock bird breeding age with dna and c/R 
Blackcheeked Lovebirds - Newark
DescriptionAll birds have been DNA sexed. 2 pair Dark Eyed Clear X Normal Split £45 pair. Both have produced full eggs but dead in shell. 1 young pair u/r Normal/Blue X Normal/ DEC £45 pair £120 for all 3 pai
Blossom headed pair
DescriptionPair of blossom head Male 2018 but can't fly, damage wing when fledging Female 2016 random yellow spot on head but flying fine  Selling because I have to many birds £130 Ross 07762666217
Blue and gold cock
DescriptionBlue and gold cock closed rung 7 year old £500

Blue and gold cock

Blue and gold cock
Description 7 year old, closed rung, parent reared cock bird £500 will courrier
Blue and gold macaws
DescriptionSelling on behalf of a friend who is retiring. The pair breed every year large birds in excellent condition £2000 contact me for more details 
blue crown hanging parrots
Descriptiondue to change in direction i’m offering for sale my group of hanging parrots the group consists of 3 proven pair and a odd cock they are all unrelated birds  feeding on quality nectar fresh fruit an
Blue crowns conures
Descriptionstunning proven pr blue crowns conures  Hen rung n dna  Cock not rung or dna  Cage kept  Around 8 yr old  £275 
Blue face parrot finch proven Pairs
DescriptionBluefaced parrot finch pairs all proven  can take to Newark 
Blue fronted amazons
DescriptionBonded pair of blue fronted Amazons with dna, would swap for a pair of black headed caiques or yellow or green thighed caiques 
Blue gouldian finches
DescriptionHi. I am looking for male blue gouldian finches or pair. with black or red headed and with purple breast. please give me touch . Thank you  Simon.
Blue ground doves
DescriptionPairs of blue ground doves for sale £120 a pair Common ground dove pair £100 a pair Ruddy ground doves £60 each Can meet at the Suffolk softbill show next Sunday the 10th  Call or text Andy on 077
blue headed pionus cock
Descriptionblue headed pionus DNA'D cock 3 years or older ring mark on 07894865547  
Blue kakarikies
Description2019 pr blue kakarikies.can take to Newark £75
Blue throated macaw female
DescriptionFemale (0,1) Caninde macaw (Ara glaucogularis) year 2000 closed rung, Cites. Has bred for the last 4 years. Unfortunately lost 1,0 due to old age. Aviary home only. £2000. One male and one female can
Blue wing parrots for sale
Description2 proven pairs of Blue wing Parrots for sale plus 2018 and 2019 Offspring from both pairs   £65 per pair £30 ea for 2018 and 2019 offspring Possible deal if all stock sold as one lot
Blue-crowned Chlorophonia Cock
DescriptionLooking for a Blue-crowned Chlorophonia Cock. Prefer phonecalls


For Sale
DescriptionPr of Bluethroats can take to Newark if ordered.
Bourke's for sale
Description3 Bourke's for sale 2 Rosa cocks and 1 normal cock    £10 ea


For Sale
DescriptionI have some split spangle 2019 Bourkes one normal and two Rosa 25 pound each going to Newark but no table 

Bramshaw Table Top Birds Sale

Bird Show / Sale / Event
Bramshaw Table Top  Birds Sale
DescriptionWE have our next sale at Bramshaw village hall on Sunday 17th Nov 2019, doors open 12:noon, up to 60 tables full of birds (Parrots/Finches) and acccessories, seed table, mealworms pinkies etc.membersh
Breeder of  Chinese Hwamei
DescriptionSTILL LOOKING Wanted contact with  Garrulax canorus (Chinese hwamei) breeder. I have a young female Chinese hwamei and need a cock bird for her ready for next year please get in touch by text 07866404