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Saffron finch
Description2018 bred Saffron finch, Adult hen, closed rung, dna sexed with cert. £150.
Scarlett macaw
DescriptionScarlett macaw dna hen 2019 bred, close rung, parent reared. She is perfect feather, not a great flyer would rather climb. Can take to Stafford £1600
Schalow's Turaco Hen
DescriptionJune 2018 DNA Sexed female Schalow's Turaco.  In excellent condition, good strong bird.  Kept in large outside aviary. £350
DescriptionYoung 2019  Hecks Grassfinches, beaks just colouring up £10 each, young Java Sparrow, beak just starting to colour up, £5. Trio of Chinese Painted Quail, normal coloured birds, one hen broody, will ha
Senegal parrot adult hen
DescriptionAdult hen Senegal parrot wanted Doesn't need to be tame.
Siberian rubythroat
DescriptionWanted Female Siberian Rubythroat.
Silly tame eclectus cock
DescriptionLast silly tame eclectus it's a cock bird and is 6 month old  Hes super silly tame he will go to any one and just started talking alot He will make a fantastic pet for any info on him just message m
Silly tame eclectus cock
DescriptionBeautiful 8month old male eclectus there the perfect  Bird for asthma sufferers as they dont shed feather dust  Unlike other parrot species and hes super tame he will go to Anybody and will not bit
Silver eared Mesia
Description2019 own bred Silver eared Mesia. £750 a pair
Silverbills STAFFORD
Description5 African silverbills for sale. Mix of mutations, one agate, 3 dark chocolate and a normal  2 pairs true and a chick. £45 (2018/2019 bred)  1 pair of opal Indian silverbills. £30 (2019 bred unrelate


For Sale
DescriptionCan take to staffordDna sexed pair amethyst startings 400Dna sexed pair lesser blue eared glossy starlings 300Pair and single white cheeked bulbuls £140eaCock red and yellow barbet £175Blue bellied ro
Softbills, luscinia cyane, etc
DescriptionFor sale: 2-2 Siberian blue robin 2019 (with DNA) 2-2 Siberian rubytroath 2019 1-1 Trush nightingale 2019 (with DNA) 1-1 Rufous tailed robin 2019 (With DNA) 1-1 Red flanked bluetail 2019 (with DN
Spectacled  parrotlet
DescriptionCock  Spectacled. Parrot let. £40 
Spectacled parrotlets
DescriptionProven pair of spectacled parrotlets Prolific breeders Good feather £70


DescriptionNormal Splendids Wanted I'm after a pair of normal splendids, preferably proven but not too concerned. Also not bothered if they are split as long as visually normal. Thanks


Bird Show / Sale / Event
Description SPLENDIDS AT STAFFORD. Mostly this year's birds, white breast, and opalines, also pied diamond doves table 9 at Stafford.

Stafford show

Bird Show / Sale / Event
Stafford show
DescriptionSTAFFORD SHOW  PARAKEETS 2 blue cleartail hen ringnecks  pr barraband  rock pebbles 3 split pastel 1 pastel  2 pr nyasa lovebirds  Helicopter budgie  baby budgies in pieds recessive pied Cremin
Star finches
Description Good quality star finches 2 pairs of red head and 1 pair of orange head 2019 birds all close rung ready to breed. Contact Chris 07807053537 thanks   £ 50 a pair 

sun conure

For Sale
sun conure
Descriptionsun conures 450 pair maroon bellied 250 pai quacors 200 budgies 10 each parroletts 60/80 each cockatiels 50 pair happy healthy pairs going to Newark leave a deposit and meet you there 
Sun Conures
DescriptionLooking for DNA pair Sun Conures. Willing to travel if Essex, also possible pick up in Stafford. Preferable under three years old and not related. Also in outdoor aviary as its that time of year. Tha
suncheek conures
Description2019 bred suncheek and split suncheek (pineapple split dulite) all rung and DNA sexed. would prefer all to go together .   1,1 male suncheek x female pinapple split dulite 1,1 male pineapple split
DescriptionSWIFT PARROT pairs wanted.  Please e-mail, thank you.
Taking to Maidstone Sale Sunday
DescriptionCut Throats £45 pair Blue Faced Parrot Finches £65 pair Pied Blue Faced Parrot Finches £80 pair Red Faced Parrot Finches £75 pair Forbes Parrot Finches £90 pair Green Singers £90 pair Gold Breas
Tame parrot
DescriptionAm after a handreared parrot for my freind shes already got a cookatoo and african gray but now shes after another I can collect at Stafford on sunday message me on 07951440216 thanks