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Cost? It’s FREE. People can contact for FREE as well. There are NO premium numbers here.

Advertising Musts!!

Do NOT write gibberish - just concise information.
 Do NOT repeat your advert within 14 days.

Pictures? Add pictures for FREE ...

Capitals are perceived as shouting and slower to read. Please avoid using them.

Wanted adverts - advertising for birds that need partners and breeding programs.Please read the current adverts first ! Do NOT send in vague adverts or requests for cheap birds.

Advertising your Babies and Hand reared Parrots

Do NOT offer or request unweaned birds. It is illegal.

If you get a reputation for 'sharp practice', are banned from other sites, or just aggravate, you will be blocked.
This includes deleting your advert that is less than 14 days old and submitting a virtually identical one.

Any good ideas, please let me know....