Pekin Robins

2020 bred
Pekin Robins
DescriptionPekin Robin cocks and hens for sale - £125 each 2020 bred from a prolific pair currently on 5th brood of the year.(parent of the young ones shown in photo)    


For Sale
Description2020 IOA close rung parant rared red crested turacos ready to go soon £425 contact 07970818022
Greater Hill Myna
DescriptionHand-reared greater hill myna baby. R. Intermedia.  Close rung. 10 weeks old.  Raised on pellets and fruit. Fully weaned and now ready to be someones special pet.£1350.
Electric rat or mouse trap
DescriptionTwo electric rat or mouse trap £12 each have two  x postage is about £2.50 thanks 
White shoulder starling
DescriptionWanted Cock white shoulder starling 
wanted pied wagtail cock bird
Descriptionwanted pied wagtail cock bird could swap with 2019 hen thanks
Silver checked masia
DescriptionLovely pair of silver eared Mesia have breed £700 o.n.o im going Skegness on Saturday so can meet on the way from Northamptonshire  with deposit 
black naped oriele
Descriptionpair of black naped oriel dna pair  2018  please email for price and pics
Yellow inca jays
DescriptionDNA sexed pair Yellow Inca Jays, 2019 closed rung, only for sale due to change in direction or swap for fruit doves £2500
Pair of Stonechats
Description1 pair of Stonechats bred in 2020 for £200
Common mynahs
DescriptionCommon mynah DNA sexed pair male has a few feathers missing around neck, otherwise perfect condition £300 Ono  PLEASE NO EMAILS
Red Vented Bulbuls
DescriptionI have 4 Cock Red Vented Bulbuls bred June 2020.    They are strong healthy youngsters all treated with S76 and  ESB4.    they are DNA.  ID Rung.    £100 each.    
Broad Eye Zosterop Cocks
DescriptionDue to unfortunate circumstance we now have 5 Broad Eye ( Montaine) Zosterops cocks and as we cannot locate any females for them we have decided to move them on. 2 x 2019, 2x2018 and 1x 2017 birds. 
Little and Bengal eagle owls
Description2 breeding pairs little owls £425pair 2020 chicks £200each bengal eagle owls pair and 2 females £150each all with correct documents and dna sexed travelling from south England to Yorkshire Tomorro


Foodstuffs by courier
DescriptionSOFTBILL FEEDS imported from Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Asia Products from Claus, Unica, Lor, Versele Laga, De Imme   THE ONLY WEBSITE IN EUROPE DEDICATED TO FEEDS & SUPPLEMENTS
White collered yuhina
DescriptionWhite collared yuhina hen  lovely bird have D.N.A paper £200  
Silver eared Mesia
DescriptionLovely pair Mesia  only selling have to cut back health problems  had chicks last year only been together sort time this year  as I’ve been in hospital both 2018 birds  £700 O. N. O  I’m going Skeg
Red vented bulbul
DescriptionWanted hen red vented bulbul 
Descriptionpair 1.1 RUFOUS-TAILED ROCK THRUSH Monticola saxatilis closed rung birds bred 2018 / 2019  
1.0 cock HOOPOE
Description1.0 cock HOOPOE 2020 bred in The Netherlands Closed-rung with DNA certificate
Proven American kestrels
DescriptionGood pair bred every year rear there own ...6 years old ...£400..text with any interest 
Red foot falcon hen
Descriptionhen red foot falcon 2 years old super burd hard to come by ....£450...text with any interest 
Bleu bellied roller
Descriptionpair bleu bellied roller 2019 can be picked up bu walkers In netherlands we live close to dutch border    2-2 peking robin also available 


For Sale
Descriptionbrooder octagon tlc 4 brinsea  £200 or near offer