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The ' birdtrek.co.uk' domain was registered on the 25th October 2000.


The idea of a website was born in the winter of 1999 / 2000. My son-in-law, Deane, had become disabled and was interested in web design. I wrote the content and he wrote the code. Two copies were made, I loaded one onto my free AOL web space and won “site of the month” and Deane put a copy on his free Lineone web space and it won “site of the week”. It was called “Chris Iles’ Bird Site”.
The site became my online diary for recording my breeding attempts and it slowly grew in popularity. It needed an identity and was christened “birdtrek”.  I decided to add an advert page which was free and simple to use. In the early days each advert was copied and pasted into the sale page until eventually the website was upgraded to 'user managed'. Gratitude to bird keeper and coding guru Laus who advised.

The online blog ceased years ago, a photo competition was popular for a while, but now I concentrate on keeping the classified safe. 

Over the years several have tried to imitate but failed. The onslaught of Facebook continues to erode the rest of the internet but birdtrek continues to thrive.

It thrives because of the all the people who visit regularly and make birdtrek their first choice to offer their surplus birds.
I am in debt to you all.

If you have been using birdtrek for more than 10 years I would love to hear from you and maybe I can find the longest user, or perhaps have a 'hall of fame'.


Stay safe and enjoy your bird keeping.


Chris & Jan Iles








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