Excellent quality bird seeds
DescriptionAll birds seeds available very clean seed.  If it’s not listed give us a shout, as the farmer has his own seedmill so can mix it 
Bramshaw Bird Sale SO43 7JE
DescriptionAfter a successful court hearing we have been awarded our books back so we are all ready to GO!!! Hopefully our next sale will be July or August (if DEFRA permits). We look forward to meeting all of
Bramshaw table Top Sale
DescriptionA big hi to all our members, and I hope that you have been keeping safe. I've had a call from the people who run the hall  and have been told that we could be back with our bird sale in July or Aug.
Merry Christmas
DescriptionChristmas Greetings. Wishing all friends, acquaintances, and those I've only exchanged an email with, a quiet safe Christmas. Chris & Jan Iles
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Description  Not registered?  Just use the contact button on this page. A preferred username ? Please include details to verify you are a bird keeping enthusiast. Please ensure the email is correct. Need to
Contact Chris Iles
DescriptionPlease use the link to contact me if you require assistance. I can reset your registration. Advise on posting an advert if you find it difficult. Stay safe and enjoy your bird keeping.   Chris