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DescriptionWanted Cock Queen of Bavaria Conure 4/6 yrs old Parent reared prefered. 
Female macaw wanted cash waiting
DescriptionFemale Greenwing macaw wanted cash waiting will travel
Black headed caique hen
DescriptionI’m after a black headed caique hen 
Pair Cockatoos *Reduced*
Description*Reduced* Bonded Pair Cockatoos. Hen Sulphur Crested with Cites has some toes missing and very steady bird. Cock Hybrid Galah. Close Rung. £1000.00
Umbrella cockatoo SUPER TAME
Description  Super hand tame umbrella cockatoo 6 year old male with all documents and dna will go to anyone says alot of words hello good bye i love good night etc loves taking showers and also can take out wit
Derbyan breeding pair
DescriptionStunning breeding pair derbyan parrots in excellent feathers  £425 any other questions feel free to ask 07539287903

Mark Muckle

* For Sale *
Mark Muckle
DescriptionRed Masked Conure proven Cock, cert available! Unfortunately lost it’s partner! Lovely bird £200-00 neg. phone Mark at 07952789208. 
Solomon eclectus
Description Solomon eclectus pair closed rung if possible!! Must be steady not red sided!! Give me a call 07884315837(may take single male) or x pet
Proven pair of African Greys (Sold)
DescriptionProven Pair of African Greys for sale Hen bird 9yrs old cock 10yrs old both birds close rung and DNA sexed and with cities  Only selling as I fancy moving into Macaws and Cockatoos. £1550 might cons


DescriptionLooking for Blue Throated Conure Male up to 4 years old.
Crimson Bellied Conure for Sale
DescriptionYoung Crimson Bellied Conures, 5 months old, parents reared. Two Hens, one Male with DNA certificates. Excellent condition, £175 each.  No offers
Dusky Pionus adult male
DescriptionDusky Pionus male c/r 2013, only for sale as incompatible with our hen £650 ono. Always been in outside aviary.
Orange winged amazons
DescriptionI have for sale a DNA sexed pair of orange winged amazons. They are 8 year old and come with DNA certificates. One bird has a toe nail missing on its middle toe, this does not have any effect on the b

Chest nut macaw

* For Sale *
Chest nut macaw
DescriptionBeing reared now is a beautiful chest nut macaw at the moment its 9 weeks so still has a couple of weeks left  Price is 1000 please only contact if your trully interested thanks
3 Australian Kings cock birds
DescriptionI have a 3 Australian Kings cock birds for sale. All are bred by myself, are closed rung and related.    1 of them is full coloured up, has a damaged lower beak (does not affect breeding) (2018 Clos
Hahns Macaw
DescriptionWanted Hahns Macaw Males x2,  
Male Orange Winged Amazon
DescriptionMale orange winged amazonRung and DNA tested. 6 years old Fully feathered.Lovely healthy bird£550 thank-you

Pionus for sale

* For Sale *
Pionus for sale
DescriptionFor sale hen bronze winged pionus 3 years old closed rung with dna £350. Maximilian pionus hen 2 years old no ring but has dna £250.
Blue headed pionus male wanted
Description Wanted - Blue headed Pionus (pionus menstruss), closed rung, dna age 2 years plus. Contact with any information. Kind regards 
Hahns macaw cock
Descriptionwanted mature hahns macaw cock preferably closed rung
Amazona A. xanthopteryx cock
Description2020 parent reared cock, amazona A xanthopteryx, closed rung and dna'd, been handled so very steady, should be ready in about 2/3 weeks, no time wasters please!   £1000
African grey cock wanted
DescriptionHi I am looking for a African grey cock bird as I have just lost mine and wanting it to go with my hen bird anything considering please contact me with what you have got thanks john 

Pair of orange winged amazons

Pair of orange winged amazons
DescriptionHi up for sale is my breeding pair of orange winged amazons both birds are in perfect feather and have came out of aviary so not tame birds I am looking for a African grey cock bird so may swap if you