Blue Throated Conure DNA + CITIES
Description Blue Throated Conure, male, closed rung, 2016, CITIES, and DNA. £200
Tame Black Headed Caique (unknown sex)
DescriptionSelling my stunning black headed caique hes very friendly with our family as we have had him from young hes around 2 years old now feather perfect condition I can do more videos,pictures on request 
Yellow Thighed Caiques Babies
DescriptionYelllow thigh caiques babies for sale  Closed Rung  The babies are around 7 weeks old now and will be ready soon  Beautiful healthy babies very tame and playful    Video Link provided  https://w
Hand reared African grey chick for sale
Description2 x Hand reared African grey chicks for sale 11weeks old will not sell in till fully weaned. DNA certificate 1x male and 1 female article 10 certificate and stainless steel closed rung, used to all ho
Baby green cheeks mutation
DescriptionGreen cheeks babies mint x turquoise mutation 7 to choose from hand reared from two different pairs pictures available no timewasters will do a deal on the lot may part exchange 
Parrots for sale yellow thigh caique
DescriptionSelling on behalf off friend 2 handreared caique close rung young few months old mimicking already will take food from hand and don't bite haven't had time to interact but lovely birds ready to go to


* For Sale *
DescriptionI have a few hand reared parrots available  alexandrines ringnecks greys amazons greys caiques conures    shamrock macaw needs some 1-1 spent with it    harlequin macaw need some time spent