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The Bird Cage
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Added 2020-09-15 13:48:23
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Think before you buy. If someone is offering proven birds, why.

Would you sell a pair of birds that breeds for you.

Ask for proof, pictures of birds with young, I always take pictures of our birds with their young but very rarely do I sell them.

I wish people would be honest when selling, if they haven’t bred for you, just say so. 

Its always better to buy young birds and let them mature.

Birds generally need at least a year to settle into their new environment before attempting to breed and it may take years for some.

I hope that the inexperienced bird keepers listen to this advise and don’t expect miracles when buying stock. Buy birds that you like and enjoy them, don’t think this is a hobby that you will get rich at because you won’t. 

Hope this hasn’t put any budding aviculturists off, it’s a great hobby.






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