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  1. Quality birds available breeding Kings £400pr,adult crimsonwings £300pr,lutino gmrs £175pr, rubino ck xred cinnamon hen gmr 160pr,split blue ck xblue hen gmr breeding pr 225pr, pr cobalt winged parakeets dna 250pr,many coloured parakeets 130pr,crimson bellied conures adult 300pr,full red fronted pinnaple p/pr275, 1 hen 120ea, adult fallow maroon bellied conure dna 125ea,various redrumps orange series from 40ea,stunning blue pied pennants 150ea, yellow pied 125ea, breeding rock peblars 150pr, Ross bourkes, abasinians 110pr, spare hen 60ea,various Cockatiels Inc pastel faced 80ea, also lovely adult pr dearbians 400pr, various ringnecks wh/wt also blue pieds dna sexed, aduld breeding alexanderians 430pr,also snow whites, opaline and mauve quakers dna from 75 ea


South East UK, UK