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Orange rosella (Platycercus eximius)

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Added 2020-09-27 10:43:07
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Rosella orange 2020

I will sell this year's young in pairs and single females:

1.0 normal / orange, opal, pastel, cinnamon
1.0 pastel / orange, opal, cinnamon
2.0 opal pastel / orange, ?cinnamon?
2.0 opal pastel / orange, cinnamon, ?ino?
2.0 opal / orange, pastel, cinnamon, ?ino?
1.0 opal / ino, ?orange?, ?pastel?, ?cinnamon?
3.0 opal pastel / ino, ?orange?, ?cinnamon?
2.4 orange opal cinnamon / pastel
0.2 orange opal cinnamon / ?pastel?
0.9 orange opal pastel cinnamon
2.0 rubino /pastel ?orange?, ?cinnamon?
0.2 orange opal / ?pastel?

Birds can be delivered in all the UK with courier