These were the entries in the January 2011 Photo competition.
Thank you to those who took the time to share.
Click on photo to see large one :)
Great Blue Heron
must get there before the shop closes
Great Blue Heron in Florida
Hahns Macaw
	"Sonny with his pasta bow"
conure in flight
conure shown in all its glory
all my breeding zebs 2010 first bath of 2010
The Lorikeets at Bristol zoo!!!
Crested coua closeup
Killdeer enjoying the Yellowstone sun.. wish we had some sun here!
'Phil' the tumbler pigeon,taking off over some hawthorn trees in search of love...
...shareElegants enjoying the morning sun, remember the sun?!
hungry bird.
White-tailed Black-cockatoo
A stunning photo of a Amazon Orange wing parrot.
Well I’m not going to move
Watch your fingers go find your own nuts!
Cock King!
taken last week in my garden .... (Lapwing)
Monty on his pony..!!!
Fieldfare on Christmass day.
Cheyenne, my 20 month old Ferruginous Hawk
Jewel, my 5 year old Scarlet Macaw
Young Red Hooded Siskin
Sonny being BAD lol
Senegal taking off
Robin red breast on Xmas day. When I was cooking Xmas dinner I noticed him in the garden so quickly took a snap of him!