These were the entries in the March 2011 Photo competition.
Thank you to those who took the time to share.
Click on photo to see large one :)
A male Violet Sabrewing humming bird taken @ Monte Verde, Costa Rica.
Rincon de la Vieja. Costa Rica 2011.Our largest birds !
Another March day
Another March day
Another March day

Here is a 4yo Nanday called YOYO hes not an alcoholic honest ;) lol
Yoyo loves a good drink!! its only a little bit of squash ahahaha
Thats my cuppa not yours!!!!!
Where is everybody?
~This is Bella my BFA
Scarlet enjoying the sunny day.
my new rosa bourkes split lutino a joy to watch outside
Pancake (spectacled parrotlet) making himself look pretty
Starling looking in window.
princess of wales parakeet
canada geese
"Taz" nit picking.
I just can't seem to fill you up!!
Want to see me twirl this baton?
Malayan black hornbill
Golden breasted bunting
Coco eyeing up my camera and wanting lots of cuddles, my velcro cuddle monster ;o).
Crowned Crane
"Go get your own tea" Collared dove enjoying his fatball meal in our cherry tree.
Walking by th river in Windsor (went away with my wife for a couple of days) think I got the goose just right.
Corvid in flight
daughter with baby runner duck "comfy"
luca lu poseing with my grandaughter.
nephew with very young runner duck " mum can I keep it"
my new addition charlie the lesser sulphur
edge dilute lovebird
This is my 4 month old parrotlet called 'Orville' enjoying her skateboard! She's an amazing little character as the photo shows!
my nephew with red lored amazon ,
starlings eating crisps
A galerita galerita invasion
Baby Haribo having a love
Tonto "wearing" some toys lol
my dog with baby runner duck " I was only going to play"
Exploitation of a food source !!
Our 4 year old ecky just waking up after a good nights sleep
Heron Stalking prey.
Robin given 'Paint texture' in photoshop
Swan given 'Postcard Effect' in Photoshop
You could win this trophy and £10 Cash by entering.
Send in picture of bird with mealworm to qualify for extra prize in April.