These were the entries in the April 2011 Photo competition.
Thank you to those who took the time to share.
Click on photo to see large one :)
Lilac breasted roller enjoying mealworm!Curly Larry & Mo
Feed me NOW !
White Crested Lalughing Thrush, Hatched and Parent reared with us.
King Of the castle
Look if you eat your greens you'll grow up big and strong, like me
tink cooling flo b/f down on warm day.
have caique and eat it
Nala the Plumhead with her eggs. If you look closesly you can see the one on the top left is hatching!
Daphne the turaco loves the camera
do you mind I'm eating!
There is certainly a meal in these worms and low in cholesterol!
CPQ hen enjoying a mealworm.
Pair of CPQ enjoying a snack.
my first cream, cream lightback hen,
my young pionus trying to talk...
Sonny being a poser
Asian fairy bluebird
Madagascar partridge
starlings with mealworm in beak 
starlings with mealworm in beak 
starlings with mealworm in beak 
White-rumped shama
Young Green Cheek Conures just after being fed.
Robin in my garden with a mealworm.
Blackbird with mealworms, in my garden.  He ate some, and then collected these to take to his Missus on the nest :)
An Emerald Toucanet @ Monte Verde.
A 9 month old Toucan.
my female parrotlett loved the christmas tree she decided too camp out in it for 2 weeks.
my male parrotlett enjoying some crunchy nut for breakfast.
"Oh this is sooo good" .. Yogi enjoying her shower.
You could win this trophy and £10 Cash by entering.
Bird with mealworm photos will qualify for extra prize in April.