These were the entries in the July 2011 Photo competition.
Thank you to those who took the time to share.
Click on photo to see large one :)
Can you find me. Mum st helena with 4 newly fledged chicks playing hide and seek.
I am so nice.
I am a gentleman
Male bourke tucking into his lovely bowl of fruit and egg food.
Ninja Bengie about to kung fu kick zebbie.
Zebra finch having a good ol' preenhey dad is this edible?!
who says we can't live outdoors?
this is my good side
Clutch of celestials born two weeks ago
My very first Albino Budgie chicks, and of course the blue. So cute!
Black Hooded Red Siskin x Irish Fancy
Hen feeding hybrid chick!
zippy & bungle
A temporary "perch" for these conures while their baby cage is cleaned!
Kingy took me 4-5 hours to get this shot hiding in full camo on the bank.
The Spotted Flycatcher
Taken june this year. Woody had young almost ready for fledging they were making a right racket.
Our lovely pineapple hen hatched end of april 2011
my 2 year old feeding our hen pennant.
4 week old Barbary dove sitting on computer desk :)
Pennant blue/albino 2011
Young Red hooded siskin just out of the nest
Red hooded siskins 3 days old
My young Blue fronts with their dad, Born April 2011
Baby pigeons relaxed and happy....
My 2 baby bluethroats helping themselves to fruit as I prepare it for the others!  They are just weaned so enjoy new foods
White-Throated Magpie Jays(calocitta formosa)Me and my littie sister
Curly Lary & Mo _Javas
This Years First Zebs
Best picture takes the trophy. Best picture 'Born 2011' takes £10 prize. Runner up 'Born 2011' takes £5 prize.