Bird Box Project ......

A joint venture between myself, The National Botanical Garden of Wales , Mencap, and the Towy Valley Vintage Club.

 The project started with an idea by volunteer Geoff Jones who thought it would be a good to turn the unused wood around the garden into nestboxes.
The volunteers have an excellent email network, and the project seemed ideal as a means  for Jason to learn new skills with an interesting outcome under the Mencap umbrella.
It was soon realized that the wood available was mostly unsuitable and would only yield very few boxes.
Karen Cooper then approached the Towy Valley Vintage Club and they kindly donated 150m of suitable wood.
Jason and myself supplied the screws and many of the tools needed, and Sam also contributed his own tools. Karen supplied the Pyrography kit to number the boxes.

Bird Box Monitoring. If you spot any activity - please let us know.


Jason and Sam nest box making.
Starting the numbering
Checking the boxes - Karen and Sam Cooper and Chris Iles
Jason proudly showing off some of his work
Karen Cooper with some of the numbered boxes
Karen Cooper and number 207
Karen Cooper busy at work numbering boxes
Geoff Jones showing us a diamond shaped nestbox
Jason Gilbert and number 242
Paula Lee, Mencap facilitator with box 192
Sam Cooper and box 242
Neo Cooper and two wedge shaped boxes
Neo Cooper line marking
Neo Cooper helping out
Jason hard at work. Chris Iles supervising Jason drilling pilot holes.
A stand full of boxes
A stand full of boxes
A stand full of boxes
A selection of the boxes